Young and restless legend Eric Braeden says producer wanted him fired – Melody Thomas Scott


Needless to say, the boxing enthusiast doesn’t hurt.

Eric Braeden is not a man who minces his words. So he didn’t hide anything when he recently discussed Mal Young’s tenure as The young and the restless‘ executive producer/writer.

“Look, let’s be very honest. The last diet introduced things that nobody cared about, okay? Let’s call a spade a spade,” the Emmy winner said Soap Opera Digest. “Nobody cared about some of these storylines, nobody, because they weren’t part of the story of this show.”

Among the storylines that were twisted under Young were the death of Hilary and the “death” of JT, the outings of Paul and Chelsea, Summer’s pursuit of mom Phyllis’ lover Billy, and Victor’s attempt and Nikki to have an open marriage. “You have to remember that people who come onto the show as new executive producers have their own egos,” Braeden said, “and they think they can rewrite it, they can remake it.”

But the soap opera’s late and great co-creator, William J. Bell, had already invented the wheel — it didn’t need to be reinvented. He had given The young and the restless a solid foundation on which to build its future. “If you want to get away from that foundation,” Braeden suggested, “it will start to wade away.”

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And heaven help the boss trying to throw a wrecking ball at him! Although Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott are as closely associated with daytime drama as “Nadia’s Theme,” “what the last regime really wanted…” he said, “was to get rid of me and get rid of of Melody, if you want to know the truth.”

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