Workplace policy should not harm harmony, harm team spirit, productivity and performance


It is obvious to have a penchant for politics because political philosophy deals with fundamental issues of human life in general and political life in particular.

Great thinkers and political scientists, however, believe that the first fundamental concern of political philosophy is “the deep question of human happiness”. It can be the political philosophy of world famous philosophers Socrates, Plato or Aristotle or our own Chanakya (Kautilya) or Mahatma Gandhi.

As doctors differ and the five fingers of our palms and feet are also asymmetrical, each individual differs from each other in physical appearance, thoughts and behavior.

Despite this, unity in diversity as well as uniformity and discipline are at the heart of a harmonious and peaceful coexistence.

The glaring example is that of the musical instrument – called a harmonium – which has the ‘saptasur’ (seven scales and types of melodies). Nevertheless, it produces a haunting melody as the different scales are played in sync with each other by the skilled player/musician keen to find the right chord at that exact moment.

Such types of traits are guaranteed by a team leader who manages discordant workers/co-workers.

A workplace has a conglomeration of labor with left and right political leanings and biases.

If individual biases weigh on productivity, zero production or disaster is inevitable.

Such a vicious circle or flawed aura must be pre-empted by the group captain or manager/team leader.

Before jumping to the initial “mission impossible” stage, a competent leader should present the action plan/roadmap in front of the team and interact with colleagues with an open mind and heart. Each worker must participate in the discussion by expressing their various points of view and opinions. There should be no communication gap. A common minimum program of unanimity could be explored to hit the mark.

Even in a family, the parents very often differ in their respective proposals and suggestions, not to mention the other members since each human being has his unlimited whims, desires and needs.

Despite this, the family that eats and prays together guarantees a happy and peaceful life. It all depends on compromise, mutual understanding and tolerance where selfishness has to be sacrificed for a common and larger interest.

Similarly, the workplace is like a home while the workforce is like a family where the manager or team leader plays the role of a rational and sensible parent who should possess the sophisticated skill to feel the pulse and gauge the mood of colleagues. so that the esprit de corps is intact to conquer the pinnacle of performance that paves the way for profitable productivity.

Or else, petty politics mixed with pride and prejudice is destined to kill even the golden goose that heralds the corporate apocalypse.



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