Will Harmony from General Hospital kill Alexis/Carly to keep her secret?


Willow’s “mom” is fighting a losing battle.

The template is almost ready for Harmony. This week on general hospital, she grows increasingly frantic to keep her dark secrets from being exposed just as Alexis and Carly grow ever closer to find out what she’s hiding. And make no mistake – the truth is go outside !

Not only does Carly arrive at Alexis’s just as Harmony is trying to destroy Neil’s case file – you know, the one that reveals both his motive for his murder and the fact that Nina is Willow’s biological mother – but according to Soap Opera DigestAlexis decides it’s time for her deceitful roommate to pack up and move on.

Harmony‘s secret is about to be revealed,” co-writer Dan O’Connor told the magazine, “and with Carly and Alexis closing in on her, there’s going to be fireworks. artifice that viewers cannot miss.”

After: General Hospital heading for an unthinkable connection?

Could Harmony go so far as to kill again? “When someone’s as desperate as Harmony,” O’Connor teases, “she’s not going to go down without a fight.” And we already know she’s more than willing to fight to death. Her secret, notes the scribe, is “the one she was good enough to take to her grave – and other people’s graves too.

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