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Amritsar, July 29

For future musicians and artists in the Punjabi music industry, the pandemic has been nothing less than a struggle for survival. In the absence of live performances, music festivals and commercial recordings, the forced split on the professional and creative front has not gone well for many.

Aar Bee, a city-based music director and artist who is a household name in the Punjabi music industry and who has also worked with the famous Wadali family, believes that many artists have lost their professional rhythm during the lockdown.

While commenting on the impact of Covid-19 on artists and the music industry, said: “I consider myself lucky to have found work with the Wadalis. I worked throughout the pandemic. But not many people have had that kind of luck or support. Performing artists struggle to connect with audiences the same way on digital platforms. I know many artists, who have been forced into other jobs to survive the financial stress of the pandemic. “

“Covid-19 has not been good for the creative industry, especially artists, who were looking for careers through live performances. But the gradual resumption of activity and events will certainly help put the industry back on track, ”explains the young music director. But he also feels that adversity has opened up an alternative digital media platform for a world of possibilities to explore.

“What we need now is to solidify the virtual presence with stronger visibility for independent artists,” he says. In the industry for the past decade, Aar Bee began his career as Music Director for the legendary Wadali Brothers. I was lucky enough to be noticed by Puran Chand Wadali ji and then I worked with Lakhwinder Wadali on several of his recent songs, ”he shares.

Like many who dream of succeeding in the music industry, Aar Bee also started young, as a music student at GNDU.

“My father, Sudesh Noor led a jaagran group and sang jagratas. Although he is an artist himself, he never really encouraged me to pursue a career as a professional singer because he thought it was a very difficult career and that it really took a lot of hard work to to succeed. I had really proven my talent for getting his approval. I met the Wadali brothers at an event, where they saw me play. But I really found my vocation behind the camera, as a director, ”he explained.

Aar Bee led Lakhwinder Wadali’s recent hit streak including Ranjhanna, Nazara and Maula, which were hits on digital platforms.

“People retraced their way to the melodious and moving music during the lockdown. Noise can only be heard as music for a limited period of time. But the melody is what remains forever. I believe in making good music rather than commercial gain, ”he says.


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