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After weeks of fan speculation, ‘Old Town Road’ singer Billy Ray Cyrus, 61, has confirmed he is engaged to marry Australian singer-songwriter Firerose. Rumors swirled last month after Cyrus and Firerose posted photos on social media showing Firerose wearing what looked like an engagement ring.



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Cyrus and Firerose confirmed the engagement at People, noting that Firerose moved into Cyrus’ home in Tennessee over the summer. Cyrus proposed in August.

Firerose said there was no traditional proposal — no ring or kneeling.

“Billy looked at me and said, ‘Do you, do you want to marry me?’ And I was just like, ‘Of course I do. I love you.’ He said, ‘I love you. I want to make it official. I want to be with you forever.’ Firerose then chose a diamond and designed her ring.

Cyrus and Firerose first met on the set of the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana 12 years ago and has stayed in touch over the years.

“Our friendship was so strong over the years,” Firerose said. People.

At the start of the pandemic, they started writing songs together and in July 2021, they released the song “New Day”.

“She plays all her own instruments and writes her own songs. We started sharing musicand it just evolved,” Cyrus said.

“Billy confided in me a lot of what was going on in his life,” Firerose added. “I was just the best friend I could be, supporting him.”

“There have been illnesses and deaths, and difficult times,” Cyrus said of the impact of the pandemic on his life. “All of a sudden, the life I always knew as a touring artist was gone. A moment of so much change. And at the same time, Firerose, who had been such a beacon of positivity, such a best friend. And then when we started sharing the music, it just evolved into, as musical soul mates, soul mates, a pure, happy love that for me, I didn’t know could exist. Once again, we are musicians, above all, both of us. And we found that harmony, and that rhythm, that melody to life.

The new relationship follows Cyrus splitting from his ex-wife, Tish, in April after three decades of marriage. Tish placed the divorce filing, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the cause. TMZ reported that according to court documents, the couple had been living apart for two years.

Billy Ray and Tish then provided a statement to People, saying, “It is after 30 years, five incredible children and a lifetime of memories, we have decided to go our separate ways – not with sadness, but with love in our hearts,” the statement read. “We have grown together, raised a family to be so proud of, and now is the time to chart our own paths. We will always be family and look forward to a continued and loving shared experience as friends and relatives. We didn’t come to this decision lightly or quickly, but with so much going on in the world, we wanted to bring some clarity and closure, so we can stay focused on what’s important… With love and hope… Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus.”


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