‘Victory Harmony’ is a great musical collage of Social Of Relations with the raw, organic form of music


Social relations, a newly formed group with talented musicians, released their first song ‘Victory Harmony ‘, an admirable gesture with an organic form of music.

Are you ready to listen to the breathtaking performance of Social relations? This group presented their first song ‘Victory Harmony on an online platform just a few months ago. The group has talented musicians. They introduced themselves as Jeff Vernon, Micheal VW, Al Orr and many more. This clearly shows that they are united by the name of their group, without emphasizing their personal growth or recognition. This is their first adventure as a group. And the melody of this song calms the listener. The lyrical presentation is very fresh and a bit rough around the edges which is a contributing factor. They made the video with portraits of moving images. All of them have a conscious presence on the screen, despite this, they make videos and upload them, which generously shows their enormous confidence and desire to bring their songs to the world.

Well, after a great success with the clip ‘Victory Harmony ‘, this brilliant music group will soon release an album. This group of talented individuals starts out small, producing their music by recording them. Their organic talents have a lot to offer the public in the future. Their conviction is very convincing. Social relations released some singles like “One peace”, “Free fall” which stars Tom Petty who has a deep vocal quality that complements the song perfectly. Apart from these, they offered a few more songs and all of them are quite engaging, showcasing their best features. They have a chain on Youtube and Instagram with the same name.

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