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AUSTRALIAN percussionist and Bellingen resident Greg Sheehan has a new book due out on September 8th. Entitled The Rhythm Diaries, Greg has combined his rhythm systems, artwork, and life stories into a unique offering, calling it the ultimate manual for creatives. Containing over 300 pages of original musical guidelines, techniques, games and adaptive patterns, The Rhythm Diaries contains a treasure trove of vibrant designs. Decades of performance and education experience are presented in a format that offers both seasoned professionals and children, beginners and hobbyists alike. In addition to exploring Greg’s rhythmic studies, The Rhythm Diaries explores body percussion, rhythms in nature, rhythmic games for children, original practice, composition and improvisation techniques, many inspiring designs and more. numbers that anyone will ever need. Not just for drummers, but for players of all instruments and anyone curious to discover the world of rhythm. A modular base makes the equipment suitable for all ability levels, with activities for all ages included. Greg’s teachings have influenced and shaped many leaders in the Australian music community – many of whom generously offer their songs and creations influenced by his heritage for inclusion in the book. One of the leading figures in Australian percussion, Greg Sheehan has been a performer, teacher and recording artist widely represented in Australian music for the past 50 years. He has been a major influence on generations of musicians and has literally reshaped the rhythm map. As a performer he has been significantly represented in the past four decades of Australian music as a band leader and member, solo artist and studio musician on hundreds of recordings. A passionate visionary, Greg created a unique system known as the “Rhythm Diamonds”, and his original style of body percussion and reinvention of the tambourine technique has become legendary. He has dedicated his life to playing, teaching and passionately exploring various musical forms. As a teacher, Greg has coordinated many community art projects, as well as teaching professions, students and the community at large, teaching his unique style of rhythmic notation and body percussion techniques. To learn more about percussionist Greg Sheehan, or to get a copy of his book The Rhythm Diaries, visit his website: Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:




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