The haunting melody of “Sweet Ballet” by John O’Brien takes you to a world full of hope and positivity


The flourishing musician from Florida, John o’brien exudes a sense of love and comfort through her incredible song in the heartwarming ballad, “Sweet Ballet”.

Music is the best way to express your deepest feelings and share them with the world in a beautifully creative way. Very experienced and talented musician John o’brien has entertained audiences with its eloquent melodies for many years. He has put together an incredible lyrical ballad, “Sweet Ballet”, describing the pure love between two strangers through its dynamic storytelling. The track is part of his upcoming album ‘STOP !!’ which should be released this fall. Armed with his haunting voice, he gave his best singing performance so far, sliding smoothly against the exquisite instrumental backdrop.

The song is accompanied by a clip with eloquent lyrics with a visual backdrop of couples enjoying the beautiful moments in their lives. The song tells the story of two people who meet for the first time and fall in love at first sight. They have two great days doing things they love and have great loves together. The exceptional visuals bring out the true zest of the expressive lyrics, helping the audience to capture the full essence of the song. The picturesque words portray a vivid image of love and passion between two people, leaving the audience in awe.

The veteran singer-songwriter and music producer based in St. Augustine, Florida entered the music scene a long time ago. He has recorded many songs and received hundreds of thousands of songs on streaming platforms. He has been in the music business for over four decades and has toured the world on stage in front of thousands of spectators. He is currently working on his music in London and many musicians from all over the world have also joined him in his new venture by lending their creativity remotely. His new album will be released very soon on the best music streaming platforms.

The aspiring independent musician has never looked back from his early days, gaining great attention and recognition from music lovers around the world. His latest single “Sweet Ballet” once again put it in the spotlight. This allowed him to spread his positive energy around the world. John o’brien conquered hearts with his moving song that penetrates the hearts of listeners. The brilliant vocal performance merges with the wonderful melodic backdrop in perfect harmony. Tune in to Spotify and YouTube to listen to the song. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more about his future projects.

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