Sumeru has a brand new rhythm mechanic


Genshin Impact 3.0 comes with the new Sumeru region, which you can explore using the new Rhythm mechanic by playing the Vintage Lyre gadget.

Every beat has a piece of lore behind it, so beware of spoilers. This is all datamined information and has not been released officially, so it may not represent the end result once Genshin Impact 3.0 ships.

Vintage lyre

Use this traditional Mondstadt instrument to play songs. It can work wonders when played in the forests of Sumeru.
A vintage lyre borrowed from Amadhiah in the village of Vimara.
Mondstadt has a long tradition of poetry and song. The bards there tend to call their instruments “friend” or “partner”. Thus, one of them entrusting Amadhiah with the instrument was nothing less than a gesture of intimacy and trust.

Use the Vintage Lyre in the forest to play songs with mysterious power and achieve their special effects. That said, these songs share a correspondence relationship with certain objects. You’ll need to match the correct songs to the correct items for this to work

The Vintage Lyre is a 4-star gadget, obtainable as a quest reward. This gadget, combined with several songs and rhythms, is the key to exploring key areas of Sumeru.

Rhythm of the big dream

Ararana’s song. It has the power to enter and exit dreamscapes. It’s also one of the tunes that can quickly make Aranara recognize you…

Play it Silapna to get in and out of dreamscapes.
You would certainly like to call these “rocks with strange markings on them”… But if you think about it, you’ve seen way too many rocks with strange markings, so you might as well use the term used by Arama, “Silapna. ”

According to Araja, Aranara’s songs all have their own unique character. So if you hear the song, you’ll know who it belongs to.

The Rhythm of the Great Dream features a sentient mushroom of some sort, presumably named Silapna. He also mentions Dreamscapes, which could be a new way to explore areas by transporting you to a dreamlike space. This song seems to be by Ararana.

These can be used near Phantasmal Doors, giving you a challenge playing this beat and entering the dome.

During a challenge, you must collect all the Phantasm Seeds and return to the Phantasm Gate within the time limit. If you are hit by attacks from opponents during this time, your time for the challenge will decrease…

Once you enter the Phantasm Gate, some special Dream Flowers will appear. Standing inside the barrier projected by these flowers will make your opponents forget your existence and allow you to get out of the fight. Additionally, activating these Dream Flowers with Electro will allow them to mark the location of the remaining Phantasmal Seeds for you.

There will be a new form of challenges in these phantasm gates and introduce several new mechanics, introducing the Dream Flower one that shakes enemy aggro.

Rebirth rhythm

Aranakin’s song. It can be used to borrow the power of plants to repair some broken elemental monuments.
Play this song on the Vintage Lyre next to these broken monuments to restore their functions.

It can be used to awaken life in the plants around you and borrow that strength to put together broken stone tablets.
Even stones that were once blessed will split and crack over time. But Aranakin’s song can awaken the wood and mend these broken tablets.

In the image next to the tutorial, the Rhythm of Revival proves true to its name and rebuilds a Dendro Elemental Monument.

Rhythm of Vamadha

The song Ararycan taught you. He has the power to transform Vamadha in such a way that paths will be opened.
Play this song on the Vintage Lyre next to these strange spheres to activate the Vamadha. After that, attack the activated Vamadha to spin it.

Judging from the appearance of the Vamadhas, one could say that they confirm the legend that “plants dance to music” on some level.

During our exploration of Sumeru, our path may be blocked by “Vamadha”, and playing this rhythm is the answer to crossing these ball-like structures. This was known as “Huanma’s Rhythm” in previous beta releases.

Dark Path Rhythm

The song that Araji left behind. It can awaken dark roads in the woods which can help you open up new paths.
According to Arayasa, Araji is very shy and likes to hide in quiet places.
As such, the song he left behind has the power to unlock pathways to secret sites.

Play this song on the Vintage Lyre next to these hollow tree-like objects to unlock special portals.

Aside from the previously mentioned Dreamscapes, it looks like we can traverse another type of special area using the Rhythm of the Gloomy Path.

Rhythm of the Beastly Trail

The song that Arayama left behind. If you play Claustroflora there, you can make some obstacles disappear.
It is said that Arayama hated humans and thus used illusions to thwart them, but would eventually meet a human friend because of these illusions.

The only song he left is the one that can remove obstacles. As to whether a song that can create them is still hidden somewhere in the forest, we don’t know…

Play this song on the Vintage Lyre next to these special flowers to clear the obstacles that correspond to them.

Special plants called “Claustroflora” are mentioned, which will weaken the player. It also teases an equal but opposite song capable of creating obstacles instead of removing them.

growth rate

The song left by Aramaha. If you play it Sprouting Branches you can summon Healthy Dendrograna which can then be used to revive Valaya.

Aramaha was known for his great love of flowers, but the idea of ​​using flowers to hide songs was said to have been Arayama’s.

Play this song on the Vintage Lyre next to these branches to get a healthy Dendrograna from within.

The Dendrograna are of course present in Sumeru, consistent with all previous regions and their corresponding element. It is currently unknown what exactly the Dendrograna does, but it could be similar to Electrograna, as Sumeru has his own version of the sacred Sakura tree.

spring water rhythm

Arapandu taught you this song. He has the power to control the Varuna Contraption.

According to Arapandu, the Varuna Contraption once turned black rain into soft rain, bringing the forest to life.
Performing this melody will cause the Varunastra to activate or deactivate. However, you should probably be more conscientious about using it.

After all, Aranakula doesn’t like too much rain, as it will hamper plant growth. Arakunti has also said before that “too much rain makes mushrooms hard to cook”.

Play this song on the Vintage Lyre next to the Varuna Contraption, and you can interact with it and change the weather in Apam Woods.

This is the most interesting Rhythm because it gives us the most detail. In an area of ​​Sumeru called Apam Woods, there is an interactive object that looks like a tree stump called Varunastra, or Varuna Contraption. By playing the rhythm of the spring water near this contraption, we can change the weather in the woods.

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