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There are many titles that have done innovative things in the rhythm game genre, such as Crypt of the NecroDancer (and his The Legend of Zelda spin off, Cadence of Hyrule) or the rhythm heaven series. sound drop is an upcoming rhythm game in a similar vein, combining elements of twin-stick shooters, looter shooters, and roguelikes into a single package that moves to the beat. Screen Rant had the chance to try out a demo of the PC version of the sound dropwhich offered a taste of what was to come in the final version of the game.

sound drop features a woman named Melody, who is drawn into the realm of Symphonia, which is a fantasy realm that is the embodiment of music itself. The lands of Symphonia are threatened by the monstrous Discordians, who have infiltrated different songs across the land. It is revealed that Melody is one of the Keepers of Harmony, who must banish the Discordians and restore harmony to the land of Symphonia. The land of Symphonia is divided into worlds with individual stages, similar to that of the Super Mario Bros. series.


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The game in sound drop will be familiar to people who have played dual stick shooting games like Enter the dungeon Where nuclear throne. Melody can bring two ranged weapons into a level and use them to shoot enemies. The player unlocks a sword a few levels away, which is powerful and can perform a quick three-hit combo but leaves Melody vulnerable to a counter. Melody can perform a quick dash to gain distance and use her invincibility frames to shield her from enemy attacks. Which makes sound drop unique is that everything moves to the beat. If the player fires their weapon in time, it does more damage and takes much longer to overheat. If the player ignores the beat, the weapon will heat up very quickly and need to cool down before it can be used again, which will deter players from spamming the fire button. There’s a metronome at the bottom of the screen that can guide the player, but looking at it means looking away from on-screen enemies.

Sound battle

The steps in sound drop have a basic fantasy world design, but with the twist that most parts of the setting move to the rhythm, similar to Cupheadthe cartoonish design and visuals of. A negative aspect of the game is that it rewards the player for completing a stage before the soundtrack loops, which means it incentivizes completing the level as soon as possible, rather than taking the time to explore . It can be difficult to complete the stage even when heading for the exit, so there’s not much chance of stopping and smelling the roses.

The first world of sound drop is divided into different stages, each containing a single song as the backing track, with a beat setting the beat. This means that faster songs give the player more chances to use powerful rapid fire, but it becomes harder to keep up. The enemies in the sound drop The demo has a mix of abilities, such as small enemies trying to overrun Melody, long-range snipers rushing the field, dinosaurs firing missiles as part of an AoE attack, and bulky enemies that perform leaping attacks. Early combat encounters are a breeze, but they get extremely tricky when various groups of enemies spawn. Battles are fast-paced and the player must be on their toes at all times, as the dash is unforgiving and only grants a brief moment of safety against attacks. The combat is a lot of fun, although keeping up the pace can be tricky in the heat of the moment, especially when juggling different buttons.

Sound Sword

The story resembles a standard video game, with a real-world person becoming the hero of a fantasy land, which has been seen in many games such as the upcoming Speak and his country of Athia. What is impressive sound drop is the quality of animated cutscenes that appear at different points in the story, as they contain beautiful and colorful visuals that match the aesthetics of the game world. Enemies have fairly standard designs, but Melody looks fantastic , and she is supposed to be joined by other heroes in the final version of the game. There was a diverse mix of songs in the demo and the final game is supposed to have over 140 songs, so hopefully there will be , something players will appreciate.

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The player can unlock loot at each stage and can buy new items from the store on the world map. the sound drop the demo only had a small number of weapons available, but there was a good mix of ranged weapons on offer, which have different attributes and work in different ways when hitting the beat. There is a certain satisfaction when acquiring a new weapon that allows the player to take down enemies that were giving them trouble in the previous stage. It will be interesting to see what loot can do in the full version of the game, as items that could extend the length or duration of the dash and provide frames of invincibility while using the sword would be extremely valuable, as they would make the fight easier.

sound drop can be described as an action RPG version of Crypt of the NecroDancer. There is no turn-based option here, however, as the player is constantly moving and shooting. The gameplay loop is challenging and a lot of fun, but the player’s enjoyment may be tied to how much they enjoy the songs on the OST. Fortunately, the PC version of sound drop will allow players to import their own songs, which will be translated into stages, allowing players to create a musical adventure more to their liking.

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sound drop is currently in development and will be released for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in Spring 2022.

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