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Sung melody

SINGING Melody hopes to add some flavor to radio with today’s launch of its Internet station called Shem Music FM.

He is convinced that it will make a difference.

“I can’t wait to have popular radio, Shem Music FM Internet radio, officially launched, because I believe it will make a difference in our world,” Singing Melody told Jamaica Observer.

The singer will host a two-hour show, Hold a reasoningon Wednesdays, which is partly inspired by his live instagram To display. The show will start at 12 p.m. and end at 2 p.m. Shem Music FM, through the website

“My reasoning is based on my experiences in the music industry and as a music fan for over 38 years. It helps swing the conversation in many directions and explore endless topics,” a- he declared.

Singing Melody plans to create special playlists with “clean” dancehall and reggae songs to play throughout the week and invites artists to submit their songs.

“Any clean songs are welcome. This radio station will ensure airplay for young artists who are struggling to break into the market,” he said.

In addition to the Wednesday show, Singing Melody will host a Sunday show in which he will use his platform to discuss healthy lifestyle topics with Dr. Kimo as well as burning issues. The show will be family oriented and will emphasize the inculcation of morals and values.

According to the singer, the idea for the station was planted seven years ago by Rico Vibes, a disc jockey and owner of Da Flava Radiobased in Atlanta.

“Rico Vibes offered me a slot on the radio but I couldn’t accept it at the time because I didn’t have a dedicated space. Luckily he approached me again at some point where my recording studio was done, so I ran with the idea,” he said.

Sung melody

Over the past few weeks, he’s been setting up the radio station and setting up reciprocal streaming deals with other stations. As in Atlanta, Gambia Vibesfm 106.1, A harmony radio in London, Primal Radio At New York, CKUT 90.3 in Canada, World Reggae Radio in Florida and other major US cities.

“The show is going to have a truly international feel. Each week, we’ll pull insights from the jurisdictions we broadcast from to better serve our listeners and encourage greater interaction,” he said.

Singing Melody noted that some of his friends in entertainment can co-host and guest star on some of his shows.

“I try to ensure that the level of our great reggae music, in all its forms, is showcased in the most honorable way through music and conversation. It’s not just about me, but also people,” he said.

The Shem Music FM the team includes Singing Melody’s wife, Ruby Robinson; Whitter The Legend of Legendary Promotions Inc, and Faymous of Too Faymous Muzik, the artist’s engineer and producer.

Singing Melody, real name Everton Hardweare, entered the music scene in the mid-1980s and scored a few minor hits, including a cover of Surface’s Shower me with your love. He did things locally with the success of I want you to come back in 1999, which helped bring out the album Softer (Fat Eyes/VP Records) in the charts. The video for the song reached number two on the MTV2 playlist. The song was named Song of the Year at the Reggaesoca Music Awards in the early 2000s. Other hits that followed include let it flow and Can you repeat that please.

As a member of LUST (along with singers Lukie D, Thriller U and Tony Curtis), Singing Melody had chart successes with Just as I am and Sweetness of Your Love.

The artist is also a serial entrepreneur who has created several businesses with his wife. Among these, the Villa Mimosa Jamaica, which has become a luxurious five-star villa, and more recently the launch of the SAR Mimosa yacht, a 55ft luxury charter based in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

“We’re just trying to make a difference,” Singing Melody noted.


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