Sekai Project: Colorful Stage! feat. Rhythm game Hatsune Miku gets mini anime – news


The “Project Sekai Anniversary Festa 2021” event announced on Sunday that the production of a mini anime adaptation of Sega‘s Sekai Project: Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku the rhythm game on smartphone has received the green light. The 10 planned episodes of Little Séka (Puchi Seka) will broadcast for free on Youtube.

The anime will feature the characters from the game in super-distorted Forms “2.5 heads high,” and the anime will have more of a gag comedy vibe than the game itself. Sunday’s event announced that all of the game’s musical units will appear in the anime.

The game is set in Sekai, a world that realizes people’s true feelings. There are many Sekai, and each one’s shape is based on different emotions. Virtual singers perform songs from creators in the real world. The singers change their appearance depending on the feelings of the owner and help the creators discover their true feelings. Untitled songs were born at the same time as Sekai, but they are silent with no melody or lyrics. When the owner finds out his true feelings, the feelings become a titled song.

The game is a collaboration between Sega, Crypton Future Media, and Colorful Palette, a subsidiary of handmade egg. It was launched in Japan in September 2020 and will launch worldwide this year.

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