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Katy Perry brings her talents to the big screen. On Tuesday, May 10, the “When I’m Gone” singer shared a look at her character, Melody, in the upcoming animated musical of the same name, directed by Jeremy Zag.

Perry posted snapshots of her character, who has candy pink hair, in a bedroom. The character plays the guitar in front of a backdrop of posters featuring a pop star named Rose Stellar, decorating the cover of a fictional rolling stone magazine. The second image shows Melody looking wistfully at her idol’s posters, and the third image depicts her singing, with colorful, illuminated musical notes dancing through the tunes.



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See the latest videos, graphics and news

Deadline, which announced that the award-winning singer would take on the lead role in the film, provided a brief synopsis of the film. “Melody is a kind-hearted, insecure singer who must overcome the evil plans of Rose Stellar, a jealous evil queen of pop who has sworn to destroy her,” it read. “Set against the backdrop of New York City, Melody will take audiences on an adventure of song, laughter, and heroic pursuit. In her arsenal, Melody has seven musical notes that set her apart and have magical qualities and help guide her moral compass.

Perry will also write and perform songs for the film. Tyler Thompson will produce for Cross Creek alongside Katy Perry, Jeremy Zag and Michael Gracey (The greatest showman and The awakening of the ladybug and the black cat for Netflix). Speaking to the outlet about the film, the singer said the lively musical reflected some of her own struggles with self-confidence, which is a big part of what got her into the role.

“I’m a 37-year-old woman still struggling with insecurities,” she told the publication. “I’ve come to realize that not everyone is safe, and if you’re not, I wonder if you have any negative characteristics because of it. I’m such a fan of the animation world, and because my daughter is two years old, I’m more immersed than ever. What resonated for me with Melody and her character was the overall storyline that has to do with self-confidence. I realized in laying the groundwork for my own child to be fearless, confident and courageous, that you can’t have enough movies with such strong themes of empowerment.

See the first look at Melody below.


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