Ryan Farish Releases New Album, “Rhythm of the Seasons”


Dynamic DJ / Producer Ryan farish released his new album, “Rhythm of the seasonsAn opportune time for this release, the record is a reminder to get back to the constant beat of your heart. Additionally, the new body of work focuses on its characteristic uplifting melodic, trance and deep house sound, while moving towards new analog techniques in the mixing and mastering process.

Disk dynamics

Ryan Farish’s goal in the production process has always been to research the sounds that exist in music. As a result, his latest album focuses on the exchange between notes and melodies in contrast to the highlights of each track. The rhythm theme persists throughout the album, which means more to Farish than just timing. “Rhythm of the seasons” captures an intangible dance between drum patterns and catchy melodies.

The album comprises eleven songs and opens with the title song, which serves as an entry into the world of Farish’s symphonic atmosphere. “Rhythm of the seasons”Lays the foundations and sets the album in motion. “Wild horses”Brings texture to the album and continues in an intelligent progression. Farish shares with us more of his musical voice with “To stay“, introducing his own voice into the mix. The vocal sample is dubbed and processed to create an entirely new melody that brings nuance to the track. Also,”Safe in the hills”Captures the comfort one can find in channeling one’s happiness. In a holistic way, the album challenges you to live in the moment and build momentum as your life progresses. In addition, the album reminds us that the rhythm of life continues and that time advances.

Ryan Farish’s repertoire

Ryan Farish is a decorated DJ, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Although best described as downtempo or chillout, Farish’s music exists in a category of its own. He combined rich instrumentals with elements of ambient and uplifting trance, and produced a refined and unmistakable sound that resonates with a large international audience. It is therefore this unique approach that has given rise to more than 330 million flows on the main digital platforms. As the younger generation of electronic music enthusiasts continue to discover Ryan Farish’s music, his music catalog will continue to grow. Fans and interested listeners can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and via his manager website. “Rhythm of the seasons”Is now available on Rytone Entertainment.


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