Rock band Social Of Relations’ upcoming EP ‘Victory Harmony’ features six soothing and sublime melodies


Leading rock band Social relations announced the release of their next album ‘Harmony Victory’ which will give you six extraordinary melodic wonders.

MMusic lovers and passionate musicians Jeff Vernon, Al Orr, Micheal VW and more have come together to form a band that breaks all the boundaries of conventional rock music. The group makes original music that makes a permanent place in the hearts of the public. The band has been recording songs for a few months and now they are releasing a full EP named Victory Harmonyon major streaming platforms on April 4 this year. The 6-track EP contains songs that required hard work from the band members. The sonic magnificence of the tracks is sure to make audiences fall in love with their sound.

The band members announced last year that they were working on an album. They released the song “Victory Harmony” and its music video last year caught the attention of global audiences. They added the track to their EP as the title track. It has a healing melody that can reshape your thinking, allowing you to see the bigger picture in your life. The song’s nostalgic approach takes you into the past, giving you the greatest sonic satisfaction. It will give you the courage to overcome life’s obstacles with confidence.

The highly talented band members came together and used their expertise to create their full EP, Harmony Victory’. The vocal brilliance of the songs on the EP is sure to mesmerize audiences with inspiration. The other songs ‘Change to Making It’, ‘The World of Vibes’, ‘How Fast Life will Go’, ‘Don’t You Bite Me Bob’ and ‘Look at That Prophecy’ are also amazing lyrically. and rhythms. Social relations experimented to create the songs for the album and it gave them a unique and rare flavor.

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