Robert Plant ‘Happy’ to Become Alison Krauss’ Harmony Student E! News UK


Alison Krauss became Robert Plant’s harmony teacher.

The two artists are releasing their second duo album, “Raise The Roof,” next week, 14 years after the release of their critically acclaimed joint debut album “Raising Sand.”

And the Led Zeppelin rocker revealed he was too busy being a ‘rock ‘n’ roll cliche’, to know the ‘strict melodies’ and proper harmonizing, so he jumped at the chance to become studying while an expert in violin and harmony, Alison, coached him on how best to compliment his voice.

Speaking to the new issue of Uncut magazine, Robert said: “As an English singer I usually hit the normal pop/rock stuff I might have done with Zep on ‘Thank You’ or ‘Little Drops Of Rain ‘.

“But Alison is from another world.

“She always struggles to tell me that while she was flying my kite in the back of a van, she was competing in violin competitions for seven years.

“She never went to prom because she was around harmonizing when I was already becoming a rock ‘n’ roll cliché at a very young age.

“She coaches me and gives me alternatives to strengthen her voice.

“She hears the way you can embellish a melody.

“I was learning all that Chitlin’ Circuit phrasing in the mid-’60s, so I never heard of strict melodies.

“I was very happy to put myself in the position of being a student to see if I could do it.”

The ‘Stairway to Heaven’ hitmaker recently called their unique material “dark and spatial”.

He said: “The wonderful thing is that he has no name and he has his own personality. You could say it sounds a bit retro. It’s almost an archival study of some distant space music. I think you could call it dark and spatial.


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