Rhythm Workshop With Ranjit Barot


In this fascinating performance before his performance with John McLaughlin and his quartet, 4th dimensional percussionist and composer Ranjit Barot will delve into the rich Indian tradition of the Carnatic rhythmic system and Konakol, which is the verbal recitation of the same rhythms.

Barot will share how this system has impacted his approach to Western drumming and how he uses it in different musical contexts.

This workshop will be of interest not only to drummers and percussionists, but also to any musician interested in exploring India’s incredibly rich musical tradition.

About Ranjit Barot

Ranjit Barot is today at the forefront of both worlds, Indian/Global popular music and jazz fusion. He is the musical director for all of Oscar-winning composer ARRahman’s live concerts and holds the coveted “throne” as drummer for world-renowned guitar legend John Mclaughlin & The 4th Dimension band.

Born into a family steeped in classical Indian music and dance, melody and rhythm have always been an integral part of Ranjit’s life, and he began performing at the age of 12, encouraged by his mother, the legendary Kathak dancer, Sitara Devi. Early in his career he played with Louis Banks and the Jazz Yatra Sextet, the great Pandit Ravi Shankar, the maestros, (late) Don Cherry and (late) Charlie Mariano. His unique approach to drumming has seen collaborations with Maestro Zakir Hussain, including a US ‘Masters of Percussion’ tour in 2004., Carnatic Classical Legends, Maestro U. Srinivas and Guru L. Subramaniam, exponent of the guitar master hindustani slide, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, sarangi legend Ustad Sultan Khan Sahab, ghattam maestro Pandit ‘Vikku’ Vinayakaram, Khanjira exponent Selva Ganesh, among many other renowned artists. His work/performance with big names in the West has included unique collaborations with renowned artists such as Bill Evans, Scott Kinsey, Jonas Helborg, Ayden Esen and Tim Garland.

Ranjit has also had a long career in music composition and production, working from his own state-of-the-art studio in Mumbai, India. Combined with his strong roots in the Indian classical tradition and his vision of the world of music, he has a unique perspective on the Indian film genre. His career spans projects over the past nearly 4 decades as a featured drummer and arranger for former Indian film industry giants such as RD Burman, Lakshmikant – Pyaarelal to the greatest work of AR Rahman over the years, including the Grammy and Oscar nominated 127 Hours. ‘ and continues to bring his unique personality to this genre of music. His recognition as a composer and arranger of music for album projects and feature films won him the Filmfare award for his score in ‘Aks’ (2001) and most recently his work in ‘Shaitan’ won the 3 main Indian prices, in 2011. .

Ranjit served as Music Composer and Sound Designer for all of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Mega-Event, Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games, 2019 Hockey World Cup Opener, Music Producer for MTV Unplugged (season 1 and 2), Jammin’ (season 2).

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