Rhythm Fighter Soundfall will launch on Switch later today


The Nintendo Indie Showcase is well underway and we just had our first surprise launch! Fight to the beat in Soundfall, coming to Nintendo Switch later today.

Soundfall is a music-inspired dungeon crawler where you score more points and do more damage as you fight to the beat. It’s kind of like Bullets Per Minute except it’s third person and a cute hack and slash, rather than a first person shooter with head death metal.

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The game features five heroes, Melody, Jaxon, Lydia, Brite, and Ky. All five are musically gifted people from Earth, taken to the world of music, Symphonia, by the titular Soundfall.


The big bad guy is called Discord. No, not the messaging service that replaces publicly available Internet forums. The Discord forces in Soundfall are led by a lieutenant named Banshee. Banshee and his Discordians want to ruin the music, which the five musical heroes simply can’t stand.

You can play Soundfall alone or in co-op with four friends, locally or online, which means you can have all five heroes on screen at the same time. Each hero has a unique special attack and ultimate ability. These are tied to their signature Instrument of Harmony, ancient musical weapons needed to defeat the forces of evil in the game.

The entire game, campaign and free play mode, can be played cooperatively. As this is a loot shooter, you can rest assured that no one will argue over who gets what. Procedurally generated levels and awarded loot are player specific. This means that if you help your friend in their world, yours will remain unchanged.

Along with five different playable heroes, Soundfall also features a variety of different musical genres for you to battle against. Skylands, where the game begins, features a pop-inspired soundtrack, while the metropolis Nocturne City will feature heart-pounding EDM tracks. The Jammin’ Jungle is also set up to deliver high bpm Drum ‘n’ Bass for all fans of faster tunes.

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