Red Velvet Welcomes Spring In “Feel My Rhythm” Theatrical Music Video


Red Velvet has released the haunting music video for their new single, “Feel My Rhythm.”

The otherworldly visual opens with the girl group trapped in a classic painting, before the familiar melody of Bach’s “Air On G String,” which the song samples, kicks off the song. The members then bask in their own striking fairy tale-inspired settings as dancers dressed in spooky bird-like outfits waltz around them.

Feel my beat, come with me / Picture it all / Follow this song and dance in the moonlight / Now play my beat,they sing against a backdrop of dreamy orchestral strings on the chorus.

“Feel My Rhythm” is the lead single from the girl group’s new mini album “The Reve Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm.” The project marks Red Velvet’s first musical release since their August 2021 mini-album “Queendom,” which featured a lead single of the same name.

The group was originally scheduled to hold their first live concert in over two years before the release of the new album, but this has since been postponed after members Irene, Yeri and Joy tested positive for the COVID-19 virus earlier in the week. last.

“The future status of the event will be decided after reviewing the COVID-19 situation and the artists’ health,” SM Entertainment shared. However, the release of “The Reve Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm” will continue as scheduled.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet member Joy stated her ambition to release more solo music in the future, following her debut album “Hello” in 2021. “When I release another solo album again, I want to release a new song that I’m the first person to sing, and I want to curate it focusing on my favorite genres,” she said.


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