‘Perfect Harmony’ Reunites A Capella Groups For First Performance Together


On November 13, the Martin Center hosted five ETSU student-led a cappella groups in the Great Hall: Harmonium, The Swashbucklers, Ascension, The Buc Five, and Greyscale.

A cappella is a style of musical arrangement where singers use no instrument other than their own voice. This is the first time since COVID-19 that all ETSU a cappella groups have performed together.

“I was really excited to use the space, it was our second time playing as a group this semester and it felt like we really nailed everything down and we can just have fun together,” Abbey said. Dovey.

Dovey is a member of Ascension, one of ETSU’s co-ed a cappella ensembles. Ascension’s renditions of “Let’s Groove” and “Love Shack” took viewers straight from 2021 to the golden age of ’80s pop.

Audience members also got to hear a slew of genres on Saturday night, from rock renditions of Harmonium to Greyscale’s dedication to Dolly Parton. The Swashbucklers and The Buc Five captivated viewers with their onstage antics, and Ascension provided the perfect blend of both with their performance of “Love Shack.”

“Whatever we find fun, we will do. Entertainment is our priority,” said Jacob Perhne, director of The Swashbucklers, one of ETSU’s a cappella boy bands. “We absolutely love our fellowship and enjoy coming together in a musical community at ETSU.”

COVID-19 has affected many student-run organizations, especially musical acts. When asked what the hardest part of working on COVID was, two members said:

“Definitely planning rehearsals and making sure we were in a sanitary environment as well as making sure every member stays safe during COVID season.” said Perhne.

“I think the hardest part was finding our mix as a band. Of course, masks also make it difficult to get along and be able to spend time with each other as people. We’ve been blessed this semester to be able to spend more time together in person and I think the friendships and bonds we’ve made have helped us a lot with our sound,” Dovey said.

For more information on the bands performing, you can head to each band’s Instagram and Facebook, including @HarmoniumETSU, @ETSUSwashbucklers, @ascensionetsu, @TheBucFive_ETSU and @ETSUGreyscale. For more information on upcoming shows at Martin Center, visit https://www.etsu.edu/martin-center/.


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