PENTAGON Delivers Another Trending Melody With 12th Mini Album “IN:VITE U”


PENTAGON returns better than ever with the 12th mini-album, EN:QUICK U!

PENTAGON makes their highly anticipated return with the 12th mini-album, EN:QUICK U. The versatile group portrayed a new attitude with a perfect musical harmony of R&B and pop. The album consists of six tracks, including the title track “Feelin’ Like”.

Although this marks the return of PENTAGON in about ten months, it is also the first release after Jinho’s military discharge. Throughout this new album, the members have combined the words “INVITE” and “VITE”, which means “quickly”. With a tantalizing quote of “Inviting PENTAGON to the new world and quickly falling in love with you whom I met there,” the 12th mini album will additionally feature sophisticated music and performances.

EN:QUICK U invites each listener into a space where PENTAGON deploys a new definition of love. As the members realize that love comes naturally, they smoothly create tunes in the moment and flow back somewhere as time goes on.

pentagone 12th mini-album in: quickly u

Relatively, all six tracks on the album were written and composed by members of PENTAGON. It truly illustrates each of their diverse musical colors and deep stories of their maturing inner selves while adding to the authenticity of the tracks.

“I feel like”

“Feelin’ Like” is the title track of the 12th mini album and is a powerful pop and R&B genre song that instantly grabs listeners’ ears from the intro. The song borrows a concept from the myth of the statue of Pygmalion, Galatea. PENTAGON uses its own lyrics to express moments of arousal, pleasure and fulfillment to showcase PENTAGON’s new way of loving.

In particular, Jinho, Kino, and Wooseok contributed lyrics, demonstrating their ability as self-producing idols. With fresh music and a performance style that contrasts with what PENTAGON has conveyed to the audience before, with a more classy and upscale atmosphere, they want to start their own story with this song.

The music video for “Feelin’ Like” reinterprets the objects that express “temptation” in ancient works of art with a modern point of view. Each scene demonstrates the seductive and powerful attraction of PENTAGON, stimulating the five senses. Their unique charms also make it inevitable that viewers will accept their invitation.

“A shot”

The second song on the album is “One Shot”. “One Shot” is an alternative rock genre song centered around a challenging and glamorous hard rock guitar riff that captivates everyone’s ears from the start. Through this piece, PENTAGON challenges the public with audacious and exceptional achievements like essential condiments for good meals.

The catchy music with explosive energy symbolically depicts the desire to go on a fearless ride when we only have one chance left in our lives. The “you” theme in the song allows listeners to create their own topic. And depending on who or what you’re thinking of, this allows the song to be more diverse in its overtones, making for a more entertaining listen.

“The game”

“The Game” is an electronic song with a phenomenal synth glitch and added rock sound. This track compares the events of our lives full of tension and stress to a game to demonstrate the relaxed and hilarious attitudes of PENTAGON, regardless of the circumstances in which they find themselves.

In particular, the punchy and catchy lyrics of the chorus line and the operatic elements in other parts are introduced to give PENTAGON a more distinct and mature musical flavor.

pentagone 12th mini-album in: quickly u

“Call My Name”

“Call My Name” depicts the rubbing of lips as one calls out one’s name, as well as the overwhelming tension at that exact moment. Teaming up again with producer KimZion, Kino continues to experiment with various styles of music, and this track is one of many.

Kino uses the word “voice” as a motif in his previously released mixtape song “Voices” and in “Call My Name” the theme is expanded to sing a deeper story between the two.

“Sparkling Night”

The next track on the album depicts a Ferris wheel at the heart of a theme park on a beach with millions of stars in the sky. Once again, Kino helped write the lyrics to highlight the song’s nostalgic and emotional vibe.

“Sparkling Night” figuratively illustrates the feeling of regret getting off a Ferris wheel while enjoying the beautiful view. The song wittily describes the meeting and breaking up of two lovers and was a main point of the masterpiece. In particular, unlike intense emotion, sincere words on a pleasant and peaceful melody draw listeners more deeply.

pentagone 12th mini-album in: quickly u


“BAD” describes a familiar but awful tale of breakup about all those who are so inconsiderate that they wish each other happiness even as they say their final goodbyes. The last track of the album describes a guy who loves his partner more than anything. However, the people around him and the circumstances he finds himself in seem to tell him that the only way out is to break up.

The song seeks to console and sympathize with anyone who is facing or has been through a devastating breakup. Wooseok contributed lyrics and songwriting, which heightened the anticipation for the track. Moreover, the track is based on a simple but clear guitar riff and a catchy melody with an iconic and modest sound source as the main groove.

With the 12th mini-album, EN:QUICK U, PENTAGON once again present themselves to the general public as a group that exceeds expectations with the members’ delicate vocals, powerful choreography and creative masterpiece. Meanwhile, the 12th mini-album EN:QUICK U premiered on January 24 at 6 p.m. KST.

PR and image source: REELS Corporation, Cube Entertainment

Video source: Entertainment Cube

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