Novation’s Rhythm Circuit is now just $ 299 on Amazon – that’s $ 100 off Black Friday


If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile sampler that can be purchased for a few hundred dollars, the Circuit Rhythm by Novation is the way to go. At present, this quality material has been over 25% off Amazon as part of their Black Friday sales eventwhich means you can grab it for the incredible price of just $ 299 to $ 100 off the RRP. One of the best Black Friday musical offers going this weekend, this one shouldn’t be missed.

The Circuit Rhythm is a solid choice for anyone looking for a decent sampler that will motivate them to break free from their DAWs and start making music out of the box. The Rhythm lets you record samples from your phone, turntable, or synth directly to hardware, trim, sculpt and resample your sounds without touching the keyboard and mouse.

You can capture patterns on eight separate sample tracks, using quantization to tighten your grooves or stepping out of the grid for a looser feel, before using innovative pattern probability and mutation controls to add depth. variation and originality to your rhythms. There are sophisticated effects capabilities on board too, taking your performance to the next level with vinyl simulation, rhythm repeat and more.

The Circuit Rhythm is creatively powerful and offers relatively professional features, but also manages to remain fun and accessible. Easy to integrate into your studio setup, it can be connected to your favorite hardware and software via DIN MIDI, sync output, and audio input. It’s also possible to connect to Novation Components, Circuit’s browser-based companion that lets you access new sound packs, manage sound content, and customize your device.

Head over to Amazon to save $ 100 and get a Circuit Pace for $ 299.


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