Nico Harmony ‘the classic Lana Del Ray croons of the rainy town for the modern era’


New Artist of the Day: Nico Harmony 'the classic Lana Del Ray croons of the rainy town for the modern era'Nico Harmony is a 23-year-old musician and songwriter from Manchester. Her haunting songs have a big band jazz vibe and are gripping slices of classic crooned pop like a rainy town Lana Del Ray.

“I love warm analog sounds, real drums and the simplicity of older music,” she explains.

Full of melody and melancholy with a nod to Nina Simone and classic songwriters, these are timeless, brilliant songs that will become much-loved anthems within a year. She has a great pedigree – her mother is the charismatic Stella who fronted Intastella, her father is former Fall and Intastella drummer Spencer Birtwhistle.

Nico went to Glasgow University to study as an engineer, but she only wanted to spend time writing songs and experiencing the city, so she dropped out to follow her love of music.

“I never wanted to write dark songs, but when I feel very sad that’s when it often happens. Currently, I collaborate with a very diverse set of people and more experienced musicians. I arm myself with pages of lyrics, find a few simple chords that work, then we jam them and record it all in the living room of our shared house in South Manchester. I’m really looking forward to playing live. We improvise, to create that trance-like state you feel when you’re “on it” so to speak. It will be a mixture of electronic and acoustic instruments. Big band with a touch of electronics. We are excited to start sharing our ideas.

She made her first concert on October 26 for MMTV with Spencer on drums, Coby Starr and Sy Davey (keyboard/guitar/vocals).


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