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Popular musician M Jayachandran is one year older today. The music composer and singer ventured into filmmaking in the early 1990s. Beginning his career as an assistant to veteran master musician G Devarajan, Mr. Jayachandran slowly began to make his mark in Malayalam cinema. ‘Chantha’ released in 1995 marked his first film as an independent music composer. He later worked in several films, but it was the 2002 release of “Valkkanadi” that made him a popular musician in the industry. He composed all the songs in the film and ‘Manikkuyile’ caught the attention of music lovers. After the success of ‘Manikkuyile’, Mr. Jayachandran continued to dominate the hearts of music lovers and the song “Innale Ente” from the movie ‘Balettan’ proved that the composer can handle complex emotions with care!

Mr. Jayachandran is undoubtedly a man of melody and swears by the timelessness of the particular genre of the songs and the Keralites totally agree. As he celebrates his birthday today, let’s take a look at some of the songs composed by Mr. Jayachandran, which left a lasting mark on music lovers!


The song is taken from the 2002 film ‘Valkkandi’. Mr. Jayachandran made his sweet introduction to music lovers through the song ‘Manikuyile’. The song featured Kalabhavan Mani and Geetu Mohandas and the duet was sung by KJ Yesudas and Sujatha Mohan. S Ramesan Nair wrote the lyrics for the song.

Innale Ente

This song embodies the memories and the pain of losing his father. The loss of a loved one and the emptiness it creates was beautifully presented by Ms. Jayachandran. Along with Mohanlal, the song’s lyrics were Gireesh Puthenchery and the legendary KJ Yesudas sang the song.

Kannil Kannil Minnum

‘Kannil Kannil Minnum’ is from the movie ‘Gaurisankaram’. Released in 2003, the film starred Kavya Madhavan and Munna Simon in the lead roles. Although the film was underrated, the songs were surely chartbusters. The lyrics were written by Gireesh Puthenchery and this song is sung by P Jayachandran and KS Chithra. Mr. Jayachandran also won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Music Director.


‘Perumazhakkalam’ is one of Kamal’s best movies. The movie, the script, the cinematography, the music, everything in the movie is top notch. Mr. Jayachandran composed all the songs in the film and he won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Music Director without a doubt! ‘Rakkilithan’ is a heartbreaking song from the movie that portrays the desperate lives of the characters in the movie. Rafeeq Ahamed wrote the lyrics for this song and it was sung by Mr. Jayachandran and Ustad Faiyaz Khan. ‘Rakkilithan’ is without a doubt one of M Jayachandran’s best compositions.

Kolakuzhal Vili Ketto

“Kolakuzhal Vili Ketto” is taken from the 2007 film “Nivedyam”. Directed by AK Lohitadas, the film contains impressive songs composed by Mr. Jayachandran. ‘Kolakuzhal Vili Ketto’ is the most popular of the film. The film also marks Lohitadas’ last film and he wrote the lyrics for this song himself. Shweta Mohan and Vijay Yesudas lent their voices to this song.


‘Hrudhayathin’ is a beautiful melody from the movie ‘Karayilekku Oru Kadal Dooram’. Indrajith Sukumaran and Mamta Mohandas starred in the film. ONV Kurup, Vinod Mankara and K Satchidanandan wrote the poetic lyrics for the film. The female interpretation of this song is sung by KS Chithra and the male interpretation by KJ Yesudas. The moving songs in the film earned Ms. Jayachandran the State Government’s Best Music Director Award.

Katte Katte

Mr. Jayachandran has always loved experimenting with his styles and the songs from ‘Celluloid’ are proof of that. The songs had a folk touch and Mr. Jayachandran surely used his magic wand and hit the right chords. ‘Katte Katte’ was written by Rafeeq Ahammed and sung by G Sreeram and Vaikom Vijayalakshmi and needless to say Vaikom Vijayalakshmi captured hearts with his fresh voice!

Pranayamayi Radha

Mr. Jayachandran’s association with filmmaker Kamal has always resulted in gems, and the 2018 film “Aami” was no different. The film had two composers and Mr. Jayachandran did the Malayalam songs for the film. “Pranayamayi Radha” is a soothing song which encompasses Madhavikutty’s relentless emotions and his love for Lord Krishna. Rafeeq Ahamed wrote the lyrics and Shreya Ghoshal and Vijay Yesudas lent their vocals for this balancing piece.


Yet another song from ‘Aami’ composed by Mr. Jayachandran. The song features different stages in Madhavikutty’s life. His childhood, his adolescence, his adolescence, his life in Kolkata and his adulthood. “Neermathalapoo” is a moving song filled with deep and complex emotions, and Mr. Jayachandran did an exceptional job bringing the best. Shreya Ghoshal and Arnab Dutta sang the beautiful song which Rafeeq Ahamed wrote the lyrics.


One of M Jayachandran’s finest compositions can be found in the film ‘Ennu Ninte Moideen’. ‘Kathirunnu’ is a popular song from the movie. The song is about Kanchanamala waiting for his love. Rafeeq Ahamed wrote the song and it was sung by Shreya Ghoshal. The film also won Ms. Jayachandran the National Award for Best Music Director.

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