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For music to have substance, it must convey feelings and emotions. Without these elements it can be a bland attempt at structured noise, but when they are present it can be something special. Ever since figuring out how to use the GarageBand program on her MacBook, Hannah Moroz, originally from Long Beach, Calif., Has been using this artistic approach. His way of writing songs has a harmonic flow without ever straying from an amplified side. This is evident in his debut EP titled Sunken People which was released under his last name via the Cranston-based Pitch & Prose label on November 26th.

Being a product of the digital age has played a role in Moroz’s music since she started uploading her material to the internet as a teenager. His songs reflect inner fear, the bonds that come from both friendships and family as well as the occasional romance. It all stems from the fact that she has spent her life meeting unlikely people from various walks of life, wherever she goes. Moroz is used to collaborating with musicians from near and far, which is why a West Coast artist might hook up with a small label in a suburban New England town. While playing both rhythm guitar and keyboard as well as vocals, Moroz is joined on the EP by Evan Schaid on drums, Genevieve Quiquivix on lead guitar, Seamus Guy on violin, Josie Boyer on cello and Kristen. Lee & Brooke Dickson who alternate bass duties.

The dynamic between Moroz’s opera voice and electric guitars makes this record stand out. The opposites of soft and rough tones that come together to create a sound make it more accessible while moving away from its generic character. A combination of pop, alternative, folk and straightforward rock that refreshes the senses. This quality testifies to a desire to get out of the creative framework while maintaining a certain artistic vision. It’s a difficult thing to achieve, but when done right it leaves a positive impression while also getting the listener to think about where the artist will go next with their music.

Beginning acoustically, “It’ll All Be Over Soon” overlaps a steady rhythm that increases in harmony and melody. “Showing Up” features a subtle groove that is a bit jazzy and a bit surfing, but it doesn’t quite dive into either style. The guitars have a different vibe in “Blueberry Mascarpone” with the violin and cello having a greater presence while giving off a baroque aesthetic. The title song incorporates an electronic rhythm that counterbalances with an acoustic guitar in a blissful way. The record’s conclusion is “Ebb Tide” showcasing both Moroz’s skills on the keys and his vocal range.

Overall the EP has a solid lineup of music that has a lot to offer. Each track brings something different to the ears and there is also a substantial cohesion that is present. I would say it’s great to give as a gift to a loved one, but since we are past the holiday season I would say just grab a copy to enjoy for yourself or your favorite music lover. To do this, log into the Pitch & Prose Bandcamp page on and do a little search to purchase the record. To follow Moroz on social media, check out his Twitter at with his Instagram at


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