Monomas, an upcoming rhythmic puzzle platformer for Nintendo Switch, has been announced to launch on the platform on October 21, in just two weeks. Players will take part in a big music competition between the world’s best animal DJs armed with a fishing rod and plug to help DJs catch all the Monomals and create their own music in the MonoMaker.

Players will be able to choose from their favorite animal DJ: Retro Rabbit, Funky Frog, Techno Tiger or Rocky Rhino. There are over 28 courses to go, as well as arena battles and plenty of opportunities to catch Monomals. There are apparently dozens of collectibles and bonuses available as well, so players will be able to create sick beats in the MonoMaker, which can be used to create their own music.

Players will be able to listen to their own created music as they play, and you will be able to switch between music genres and listen to different styles of your own music. You will also be able to compete in the Hot 99 offline leaderboard and go platinum, you can share your music online for others to download and participate in weekly online contests to see who really is the best musician.

Interestingly, the game has already been released for the Apple Arcade in 2019, but this Nintendo Switch version (which can be pre ordered for $ 16.99) now apparently has “incredible console-quality graphics” and is coming to a real game console, so it should be a better gaming experience overall. We’ll see.

If you want to play similar games while you wait Monomas to be released on the Nintendo Switch, there are Viola: the melody of the heroine, a musical platform game / JRPG, Vespers, a platform and puzzle game, and Grobo, a puzzle platform game with interesting gravity mechanics. For more information on Monomals ahead of launch, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

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