Mixing memorable fusions of melody, rhythm and message – Rising band ‘The Livesays’ continue to champion Americana music in latest album titled ‘Not What I Bargained For’


Navigating through Covid and the racial socio-political events of everyday life, The Livesays continues to deliver insightful, poignant and hard-hitting music.

Group in the making Livesays, starring Clarence Clemons guitarist and singer Billy Livesay, is set to release his latest masterpiece in the form of his new album “Not What I Bargained For”. Billy Livesay, best known for his work with E-Street Band legend Clarence Clemons, is set to make a dramatic comeback in the new album, due out September 1, 2021, and promises to be a masterful hybrid of melody, passion, and rhythm.

The Livesays were forced to take a hiatus from making their 4th CD in 2018 following the sudden and unfortunate death of their beloved drummer and bandmate Eddie Zyne. The search for a new drummer began in 2019, and ended with the addition of Howard Goldberg while reconnecting with the pianist who left the band in 2014 – Timothy Murphy.

After the group reformed and regrouped, Covid struck in 2020, forcing the entire world to lock down. And so, isolated in his Lauderdale-area home, critically acclaimed singer and songwriter Billy Livesay began writing, creating a whole new set of songs that included two entirely new albums, the last one being “Not What I Bargained For. “.

Most of the songs on the last album reflect everything that’s been going on in the world lately, focusing specifically on the socio-political disparities that exist in our society. With 12 new songs about life in 2021, The Livesays is ambitiously releasing its 5th CD (and the second in less than a year) as a cathartic and creative release.

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The Livesays are respected members of the South Florida music community. They are a Heartland-Rock revivalist offering a blend of Americana and Roots Rock infused with Pop, Blues, Funk and Soul, forging a national career, which includes, licensing 21 original songs to MTV for a series, and contracts. editing with Transition Music, Kid Gloves Music, Crucial Music and Fervor Records. Credits include placement of songs on TV shows such as: “Saving Grace”, “Witch Blade”, “Robin’s Hoods”, “Doogie Howser”, “King of The Hill”, “The Matthew Sheppard Story”, ” Samantha Who “,” My name is Earl. ” “One Tree Hill”, and countless Netflix and Amazon series.

The Livesays have been dubbed “Heartland-Rock Revivalists” offering a blend of Americana and roots rock infused with pop, blues, funk and soul. They have long been respected members of the South Florida music community, well known for their dynamic live performances. They have opened for dozens of international artists and have been featured in countless rock, blues and indie festivals.

Their latest album, titled ‘Not what I bargained for’ will be released worldwide on September 1, 2021. This album features 12 tracks – Ten new original songs and two surprise classic covers. Everything was recorded in Billy Livesay’s home studio, produced by Billy, mixed by Grammy-nominated engineer Steve Gordon and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Mike Fuller at Fullersound in Ft Lauderdale.


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