Melody’s Echo Chamber announces new album ‘Emotional Eternal’ and shares new single ‘Looking Backward’: Listen


Melody’s Echo Chamber is back, baby! French psych-pop artist Melody Prochet is releasing new music at a very deliberate pace, and we haven’t heard from her since she released her second album. have a nice trip in 2018. But later this year, she returns with a new album titled Emotional Eternal. She just shared the first single, and it’s a good one.

Recorded Prochet melody Emotional Eternal outside of Stockholm, and she worked with the same team of collaborators she had on have a nice trip, Queen Fiske of Dungen and Fredrik Swahn of The Amazing. In a press release, she says:

I hope the record has that uplifting quality. I wanted to be more grounded and mindful throughout the process. I guided the sessions with simplicity — a contrast to the maximalism of have a nice trip and the desert of my illusions. I have made important and impactful decisions and changes in my life. It took me to where it’s peaceful, and I think the record reflects that. It’s more direct.

Lead single “Looking Backwards” is a lush, starry-eyed track with a firm, punchy backbeat and giddy nostalgic warmth. It’s lovely. The song has a computer-animated video made by 3D artist Hyoyon Paik. Below, watch the video and find out the Emotional Eternal track list.

01 “Eternal Emotional”
02 “Looking Back”
03 “Pyramids in the Clouds”
04 “The Hypnotist”
05 “Personal Message”
06 “Where Water Erases Illusion”
07 “A Slow Dawn of Rhythm”
08 “Alma_The Journey”

Emotional Eternal was released on 04/29 on Domino.


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