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Gospel poet Latoya Hamilton seeks to spread hope and the message of God’s comfort, love and goodness with her music.

“Gospel music has a way of traveling to your soul. And whatever message is conveyed in that tune, you are giving it permission to enter the depths of your mind, spirit, and heart” , she said. THE WEEKEND STAR.

The St Elizabeth native had an interesting conversation with God one day. She asked her what she was created for and was surprised by the answer. ‘Write poems’ was His answer.

“I didn’t have an example of a gospel poet there. When I asked what I should write about, God said ‘my life’. I was hesitant at first, I didn’t want to put myself there- But if I asked the question and God told me what to do, why would I want to do anything else? Since answering that call, she has enjoyed every second of the journey, discovering a passion she never knew existed.

Exploring that happy medium between divine positivity and harmony in 2013, Hamilton discovered that many could relate to his lyrics. Leggo Me Stuff was his first written single, which quickly became an album.

“I never saw what I was doing as a career; it was more of a hobby. For me, it was obedience to God and a way to help others,” she said. said, noting that she is still learning more about the music industry as a career.

The trip so far has been wonderful. She considers ministry in front of an audience an honor, an honor she can never take for granted. People have been welcoming and they often share the positive impact his music has had on their own lives. She considers this the greatest blessing.

Drawing inspiration from her personal experiences, her songs and poems are about overcoming obstacles and struggles. She has no favourites, but tracks like Self love, Smiling sisters, sacred ghost and spiritual warfare resonate with it.

Starting out without a team, the management aspect, she confessed, took the fun out of the music. She is now back on track at the ministry, with a unit specializing in reservations and marketing. The global pandemic has been the biggest teacher of having an online presence, so she is currently working on that element of social media.

“My ambition is for people to know God. If anyone listens to what I write, I hope it will bring them closer to them.”


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