Kogado Studio announces Star Melody: Yumei Dreamer rhythm adventure game for PS4, Switch and PC


Kogado Studio announced a rhythmic adventure game Melody of the Stars: Yumemi Dreamer for PlayStation 4, Switch and PC (Steam). It will launch digitally this fall with support for English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese language options.

Here is an overview of the game, via its official site:


Melody of the Stars: Yumemi Dreamer is a rhythmic adventure game developed by the Kuroneko-san team at Kogado Studio, who have already produced a number of popular bishoujo games such as Angelic serenade and Symphonic Rain.


Yumemi Nanahoshi is an ordinary middle school student who lives in the small suburban seaside town of Hoshimaki.

However, one day, a creature named Kirara – the princess of Little Star, a planet destroyed by a monster called Muma – appeared before the ordinary Yumemi.

Muma, who manipulates nightmares to devour people’s souls, has followed Kirara to Earth in pursuit.

To save everyone, Yumemi must become a “Dreamer” and defeat Muma with “Purification Songs”! With the support of her childhood friend Kanato, Yumemi becomes a Dreamer and continues to fight Muma.

To protect peace on earth. And to protect everyone’s dreams!


  • Planning and manufacturing: Kogadu Studio’s Kuroneko-san team
  • Director: Kurou Torikoshi (Kogado Studio)
  • Composition of the series: Daisuke Tazawa (Scenario Koubou Gekko), Pan Tachibana
  • Scenario supervision: Maoto Nishikawa (Kogado Studio), Literacy Department of Kogado Studio
  • Character design: akkeyJin
  • Graphic supervision: Kogado Studio Digital Art Department
  • Film production: yo-yu
  • Good cooperation: Studio mouse
  • Musical cooperation: Bit groove promotion
  • Opening theme song
    • Title: “Eternal glow”
    • Lyrics and composition: YOFFY (Psychic lover)
    • Arrangement: Kenichiro Ohishi
    • Singer: Emi uema
    • Musical writing: Mash Up Entertainment

Watch the trailer below.


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