Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory Speedrunner Achieves New PC World Record (2:49:33)


Despite its unconventional genre shift, the latest entry in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, memory melody, has a community dedicated to speedrunning on its various platforms. One of the best racers in the game, PreferredWhale, recently achieved a new world record for the PC version of the title in Proud mode via the Epic Games Store (RTA: 2:49:33). To say this is an impressive feat is an understatement, as this title has been around for over a year already.

In addition to achieving desired scores and performing well throughout songs in World Tour mode, the menu is another important aspect of achieving a fast race time suitable for high rankings. Fast navigation on the world map also plays an inherent role. Since the tracks play on rails, the main time savings come in the form of alleviating menu inactivity etc.

You can see the VOD recorded by PreferredWhale of this Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory PC world record in Proud mode below:

Congratulations to her for this remarkable milestone!

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