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With the release of Melody of Memory somewhere on the horizon 2020, I started to think about the sensational music of the Kingdom Hearts series again. Yoko Shimomura is one of the great video game songwriters of our time, and I would like to honor her work through a list: The 50 Best Songs from Kingdom Hearts. Full disclosure, I am far from a scholar of music, as you will probably be able to tell from the writing that follows. However, I listen to a lot of different styles and I have some idea of ​​when a composition works… I hope. Regardless, here is my list of the best Kingdom Hearts music.

Note: Until the release of the corporate action, titles from Kingdom Hearts III will receive reserved space tickets. I will edit the listing to match the actual track titles when this information becomes available.

50. “Forgotten Challenge” (Chain of memories)

Chain of memories is my pick for the most underrated game in the series, but I concede that overusing music tracks is a bit exhausting. Nonetheless, the great songs in the game really stand out. Look no further than this first entry on my list, the battle theme for the top floor of Castle Oblivion. It’s a John Carpenter vaudeville show, with a rum-tee-tum back beat reminiscent of other endgame themes like “Scherzo Di Notte” and “Fragments of Sorrow”. Add Neoshadows to the mix? I am scared !

49. Toy box jam (Kingdom Hearts III)

I know there is a contingent of fans who are not big fans of global themes on a list like this. After all, they are the biggest earworms and probably the songs that will bore you faster. That being said, I love this fun little addition to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”. My favorite part of the song is when things get sluggish for a few seconds (with a wobbly ringo-esque drum hit), then plunge back into the excitement that the track usually gives off. As you will see in the future, I am a fan of an upbeat fighting theme.

48. “The silent forest” (Birth by sleep)

A dull little song, this one from Enchanted Dominion. There is definitely a feeling of melancholy in the world, as Maleficent is in control and the song fits perfectly. The best themes in the world are the ones that perfectly complement the ambience of the setting, and this one accomplishes just that. Even though the strings go up for a nice end to the loop, things return straight to the painful knot at the heart of “The Silent Forest” when the next wave begins. In a world destined to fall into darkness, there is no reason to be a shredder. Things are not going to get any better.

47. “Roxas” (Kingdom Hearts II)

WHAT? Don’t worry: “The other promise” is on the list. Roxas’ theme is on the list for inspiring the melody for this aforementioned song which will come later in Kingdom Hearts II, and portraying the character he’s meant to play with a perfect blend of sweetness and desperation. These are the themes that haunt Roxas’ story. He misunderstands and is misunderstood. Shimomura knows how to hold the line between two complicated themes and is able to convey intricate details through perfect little tunes. This one is no exception.

46. ​​”Monstrous Monstro” (Kingdom Hearts)

The 1.5 and 2.5 Remix collections have done so many tracks in the main games good. One of the best bursts with the addition of live instruments was this Monstro the Whale belly fight theme. Everyone loves and remembers this ultimate horn crescendo, but the preparation for the musical explosion is filled with anticipation. It might be a better piece of pure music than a themed gem, but it’s undoubtedly a wonderful addition to “A Very Small Wish,” Monstro’s field theme. It is clear that great care has been taken to ensure that there is an organic fusion whenever the Heartless appear.

45. “La Pace” (Chain of memories)

Perhaps the sweetest number ever written for a Kingdom Hearts game, “The Pace” strikes just right given its peaceful title. Even through the filter of 8-bit magic, there is something very natural about simple piano strikes that give the illusion of a live performance. Honestly, this is perhaps the most personal song for me on the whole list. I vividly remember holding my GameBoy to my ear so I could listen to this song properly. It’s simple, the melody has stuck with me ever since. It takes me back to a bygone era, and so I can’t quite separate it from a feeling of nostalgia. Music is subjective, folks.

44. “Scherzo from Neverland” (Birth by sleep)

Consider the buildup present in “Monstrous Monstro” and take it up to eleven. A delicious arrangement of strings and a playful percussion track participate in a musical tussle until they end up working in tandem to deliver overwhelming sound. It sounds like what Neverland feels like. There is a certain fieriness that I think corresponds to a world where this Peter Pan asshole hangs out. There’s also a particularly good callback to the song in the credits of Birth by sleep. I really appreciate it when Shimomura knows she has a great song on her hands and calls it back like she does in this case.

43. “The key” (Birth by sleep)

At first glance, there isn’t much to hear in this one. Atmosphere is key, however, and this one is overflowing with it. It’s easily the scariest theme to go with a boss battle in the entire series, like when Aqua takes on Vanitas / Ventus in the Keyblade Graveyard. “Dearly Beloved,” the title screen theme of the series and the motif most often used in the music of the series, is used in “The Key” to add flavor to the otherwise buzzing tones. Plus, there’s a violin that sounds like it’s out of breath and shivers in the background for the first ten seconds. This thing is in trouble, and it looks fantastic. Suddenly that initial listening seems inadequate.

42. “Vim and Vigor” (Kingdom Hearts II)

While the original game’s boss themes are stellar, it was wise not to reuse them for the sequel. Switching the main tracks from KH1 to KH2 serves games well, as they each have their own distinct sounds. Enter “Vim and Vigor”, a song that plays with some of the Disney bosses in Kingdom Hearts II. A simple chime in the background keeps the song moving, and it really goes a long way. It is a furious listening that does not need to intensify because it slams from the first second. It’s not the music you listen to while doing your homework; it’s driving on the highway in a thunderstorm.

41. “Deep pipe” (Kingdom Hearts II)

And this synth? I love that The World That Never Was has such a mechanical and elegant fight track as the world itself. It is another example of the world and its music in perfect tonal harmony. Like “Vim and Vigor,” “Deep Drive” is a relentless experience, and it makes sense considering the onslaught of Nobodies the Organization throws at you as you make your way through their stronghold. Dealing with wizards and berserkers is a manic exercise in Keyblade strategy that keeps you on your toes. It wouldn’t be fair to have a relaxing piece of music to accompany these battles.

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