Indie Rhythm Shooter ‘Soundfall’ Coming to Console and PC This Spring


sound drop in full swing for an official release in Spring 2022. Developer Drastic Games has unveiled an upcoming trailer for sound drop which introduced gameplay footage during The MIX indie showcase. Enthusiastic gamers can now add the game to their wishlist, which will be available for all major consoles and PCs.

Play to the beat in Drastic Games’ Soundfall

In this new take on the indie rhythm looter-shooter genre, sound drop invites players to experience music and action in a new way. You play as Melody, a guardian of harmony who possesses musical abilities. The world of Symphonia is under threat, with the all-powerful composers summoning our heroine to fight evil. To get a glimpse of the protagonist in action, check out the trailer here.

Throughout your stay at sound drop, you will come across a variety of musical items to use in battle. Coupled with the game’s +100 signature songs, the action goes along with the beat of the music. You can either venture into battle alone or build a squad of up to three friends via local or online multiplayer. And, if you want to step things up, you can also import your own music into the game, although this feature is only achievable on PC.

Drastic Games and publisher Noodlecake have shared the Coming Soon trailer for sound drop at The MIX event. The MIX, or Media Indie Exchange, provides a playground for independent developers to showcase their projects. For those interested sound drop, you can now list the title through its multiple platform links. It will be available for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store during the spring season.

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