“I play rhythm guitar for my heroes… it’s crazy!” – Zakk Wylde on Ozzy Osbourne’s new album with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Tony Iommi


Ozzy Osbourne recent revelation that his new album will contain not one but four real heroes of the guitar have shaken and moved us all. And in a new maintenance with us, Zakk Wylde gave his take on being on a record with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Tony Iommi.

“Ozzy’s new stuff sounds great,” Zakk told MusicRadar during our in-depth discussion to mark the 30th anniversary of Ozzy’s No More Tears album. “And sure, it’s an honor to play on a record with all my heroes. It’s pretty cool… I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Sharing a record with Jeff Beck is especially exciting for Zakk, Ozzy’s longtime collaborator. “I’ve always loved Blow By Blow and Wired,” he added, “but honestly every record Jeff Beck has released is amazing.”

On these songs, I play rhythm guitar for my heroes… it’s crazy!

We can’t imagine what the unpredictable Beck will bring to the album table, but fear not, it will be worth the wait.

“It sounds really banging,” Zakk said. “The same goes for all the guys – what Tony Iommi played and then Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck is a killer for sure. On those tracks I play rhythm guitar for my heroes… it’s a killer. is bonkers! This sounds awesome and I am more than honored to do it.

Zakk also gave us a preview of what we can expect from Black Label Society’s new album, Doom Crew Inc, when it releases on November 26th. And it looks like there will be a lot of harmonies with guitarist Dario Lorina…

“As I was writing this album, I knew we would use Dario in that vein. So now it’s really a band and an album with two guitarists. We go for a mix of Allman Brothers, Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest, and you need two guitarists to play these parts… especially the harmonies.

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Doom Crew Inc will be released on November 26. The 30th Anniversary Edition of No More Tears is now out and the release date for Ozzy Osbourne’s new album is still to be confirmed.


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