Harmony Woods Surprise releases new album


Harmony Woods from Philadelphia released a new album by surprise, Graceful rage, Friday. Produced by Bartees Strange, the last LP follows that of 2019 Make yourselves at home.

Power runs through Harmony Woods’ latest creation, an album songwriter Sofia Verbilla describes in a press release as “a record of facing the emotional rubble this trauma leaves in its wake.” Verbilla lyrically explores the great disappointment of seeing a personal idol fall out of favor in your mind and the wave of emotions that follow. Most notable tracks include the haunting and raw ballad “Easy”, which opens with layered vocalizations of Verbilla’s chamber choir. The passionate pop punk of “God’s Gift to Women” is particularly scathing with remarkable lines “You are not the person the person in the world the world claims you are” and “I watch the skeletons fall / it’s yours. wrecking ball. »Powerful and engaging, Graceful rage is a fitting name for a record which so masterfully transforms the bitterness of Verbilla into a work of art.

The group announced on Twitter Thursday that Graceful rage would fall at midnight. A longer statement about the album was released on Friday morning:

Listen to “Easy” deactivated Graceful rage below.


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