Harmony nurtured by farmers teaches society a lesson, doctors say: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Ludhiana, December 15

Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) teams trained to provide medical care to farmers at Singhu and Tikri borders said today: “The love and harmony nurtured by farmers for more than he year of turmoil is a lesson for society to maintain unity in diversity. and relations between nations.

During an interactive session organized by the IDPD on “Medical care for farmers during the historical movement – Lessons from experiences and tasks ahead”, an IDPD member said: “The victory of farmers showed that no force or individual, no matter how powerful, is invincible.”

IDPD’s Dr Arun Mitra said medical teams visited protesting farmers 28 times and organized more than 50 camps.

“It was a difficult time for the farmers, but they overcame several obstacles. In difficult situations, living in trailers, trucks and makeshift arrangements, life is tough both physically and mentally,” Dr Mitra said.

“Living away from their families for days in uncertainty leads to several mental problems. In such situations, hygienic conditions are poor and basic amenities are lacking, which accentuates health problems. That is why a large number of people had abdominal, chest, joint and even heart problems, many of them increased due to lack of timely care,” Dr. Mitra added.

“But it is with great satisfaction that the peasant movement succeeded. Their success paved the way for movements for justice and equality,” added Dr Mitra.


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