Harmony in Music Collab 11/19 at the Kirkwood Performing Arts Center


Harmony in music strives to focus on distinct styles of music around the world. Carnatic and Hindustani music are the most scientific, emotional and mathematical expressions of the Indian subcontinent. Jazz and classical music have established their roots in American music. This concert will bring together the best of both worlds.

Seema Kasthuri has been practicing Carnatic music for decades under the tutelage of a few experienced teachers under the Gurukula system (Gurukula meaning the house of the Master). The nuances of the musical system are best learned by ear and from the extensive experiences of the teacher, and then by singing at many concerts. Seema will be showcasing their new songs, such as “Asatoma,” “My Mother,” and “Breakable Boundaries.”

Carnatic music provides 72 distinct melodic ranges called “Melakartha”, which form a strict baseline for the performer. However, there is ample room for improvisation in melodic and rhythmic expressions. The 72 major scales give way to millions of sub-pentatonic, Penta-hex, sub-scales that delve further into a new space or area of ​​their own. This music explores massive rhythmic patterns based on 8, 16, 7, 5 and 6 beats per cycle patterns in its simplest form.

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Todd Mosby is an Indian jazz guitarist and ZMR award winner who records and tours nationally. Todd will explore jazz with North Indian Hindustani music, which he studied for over a decade with the legendary Imrath Khan.

Todd and Seema reunite for a second time to show what traditional music can deliver when challenged with a jazz twist. The creative team of musicians, including rhythm expert Prasanna Kasthuri, violinist Balaji Sivasubramain, drummer Steve Davis and bassist Ben Coen, learn from each other’s experience and learn to deliver a challenging yet entertaining repertoire of music classical, jazz and popular. tunes

Audiences can expect to see rare tunes along with major and minor scale ragas. Artists will set off into their fantasy world while trying to improvise based on traditional Indian scales such as Yaman, Revathi and Kadana Kuthoohala (a twisted scale stemming from the middle finger but throwing mysterious yet uplifting tones). A rhythmic cross elaboration of drums, mrudangam (Indian drums) and hand drums will give the thrill of the rhythms. Also expect to hear lots of vocalizations and calculated Swara patterns (notes). The concert will have the delight of The Beatles, the sweet songs of Nora Jones, Road to Tiparalli – a colonial piece and folk melodies from the 50s. Also, some catchy Bollywood tunes to keep the audience rocking and moving.

The concert is on November 19e, 2022 – 7:00 p.m. at the Strauss Black Box Theater at the Kirkwood Performing Center. Tickets available at Metrotix. More details are available at https://www.sooryaperformingarts.org.

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