Harmony celebrates a classic build with the $699 H72 reissue


Harmony has announced the H72 Reissue, an affordable update to one of its classic semi-hollow electric guitar models.

The original H72 first released in 1966, featured DeArmond pickups and was made in the USA. The new H72 Reissue, on the other hand, is an import, produced in Korea, which means the model comes at an attractive price of $699, but Harmony maintains that it’s a fairly faithful update, based on the original plans.

The body is constructed from laminated maple and there is a maple neck, with an ebony fingerboard, a 12″ fret radius, a 24.75″ scale length and a ” It’s comfortable.

While you won’t find the new DeArmonds-equipped H72 Reissue, there’s a pair of gold foil ‘Moustache’ mini-humbuckers (which sound great in the demo below), as well as the traditional 2x volume, 2x tone control knobs and a three position pickup selector.

Harmony also retained the distinctive harp-shaped tailpiece, along with familiar features such as the F-holes and black diamond scratch guard around the pickup selector.

David Nam Le, General Manager of Harmony, said, “Discussing with artists and Harmony fans, we discovered a tremendous amount of love for the look and feel of the vintage H72. We are very proud to bring a small, but very important, piece of Harmony history to life with this reissue.

“With many details that tie the H72 reissue back to its original build, we see this not only as a celebration of Harmony’s past, but also as what lies ahead as our journey continues.”

The Harmony H72 reissue is available at harmony.co (opens in a new tab) priced at $699.


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