General Hospital Recap Harmony Upsets Willow at Wiley’s Birthday Party


At General Hospital, Portia asks Jordan to reunite. The commissioner already knows that she and Curtis kissed. She saw them at the Savoy. Jordan is surprised when the doctor admits they saw each other. Portia apologizes; she hates hurting him. The cop insists it has nothing to do with her, but she doesn’t see how they can be friends. If she makes Curtis happy, they’re good.

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At Kelly’s, Curtis asks Stella to stop interfering in his relationships. Trina enters and he invites her to join them. Stella takes off and Curtis guesses that Trina isn’t happy with what’s going on between him and Portia. He explains that it’s new and that it started after his split with Jordan. She is skeptical. He insists they weren’t sneaking behind Jordan’s back and she’s relieved.

After Trina leaves, Jordan arrives and tells Curtis that she signed the divorce papers. She knows he’s moving on and she won’t hold him back. He wonders if she would have signed the papers if she didn’t think he was leaving.

Stella warns Portia at General Hospital

Stella tracks down Portia to General Hospital and tells her that she doesn’t want her and Curtis to be hurt. She suspects this is destined to happen if they continue seeing each other. Stella goes over the divorce papers and then explains that she doesn’t think the marriage is over yet. Trina comes around the corner as Stella reminds Portia of her affair with Curtis.

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At Quartermaine’s estate, Chase manages to get up and takes a step. Austin sees it.

Harmony surprises Michael and Willow at the Quartermaine Estate General Hospital

At Wiley’s birthday party, Willow is shocked to open the door and find her mother there. Michael asks Brook Lynn to take Wiley to the other room and sends everyone out. Willow asks Harmony why she came back now. Chase enters and begins to lecture Harmony to introduce herself. She fights back and insists she’s here to fix the fences. Chase orders him out. Michael tells Willow it’s her call. Harmony hopes they can see each other soon and walks out. Willow pretends she forgot a present in the gatehouse and rushes off.

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Jason and Carly tell Harmony's story to Valentin at Quartermaine Estate General Hospital

In the living room, Jason and Carly tell Valentine about Dawn of Day and Harmony working with Cyrus. Jason suspects she wants to work things out…but sometimes you can’t and you have to go along with it. Carly looks quizzical. Jason bids farewell.

Jason and Carly talk about Britt on the patio of Quartermaine General Hospital

On the terrace, Carly and Jason discuss what their marriage is costing Britt. She doesn’t want him to blame himself. They worry about Harmony’s return.

Valentine tells Brook Lynn about his past at Quartermaine Estate General Hospital

Valentin and Brook Lynn discuss Harmony’s situation. He admits he can sympathize with her. He wasn’t always a good father, and put Charlotte to the test during her battle with Lulu. Charlotte and Bailey are the most important things in her world.

Austin tells Chase he saw him take a step and suggests he show Willow his progress to cheer him up.

Michael and Willow kiss in the General Hospital guesthouse

Willow goes to the gatehouse and cries remembering losing her child. Michael joins her and knows how difficult this day must be for her. After she tells him how she feels, they embrace and start kissing. As they go upstairs and start having sex, Austin helps Chase into the gatehouse.

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Mike and Nina talk about their memories at Tan-O General Hospital

“Mike” slips into the Tan-O and is surprised to see Nina already there, preparing the place to open. He says it looks like she belongs there. They talk about Lenny’s condition and Phyllis’ hopes. She explains Lenny’s request not to allow his wife to have unrealistic expectations. When she mentions that she missed Wiley’s party, he suggests she fly away, but she’s sure that’s where she should be. Also, she worries about “Mike”. She knows how attached he is to Lenny. They kiss. He admits that Lenny’s illness hit him hard. He felt a familiar pain, almost a memory of his family. “Mike” wonders if he doesn’t want to look into his past because he knows his family is gone. After he leaves to clean up, she wonders what she is doing. Brook Lynn calls her and asks her to video chat with Wiley. As they chat, “Mike” comes back and thumbs up. Nina jumps as Carly appears onscreen.

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