General Hospital recap: Harmony reveals Nina has a connection to Willow


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As of today general hospital recap: Martin is back in town and reunited with Lucy. Lucy wants their relationship public and doesn’t care what Valentine thinks about it. Martin hesitates, but ends up agreeing with her.

Valentine cryptically tells someone on the phone that he knows what needs to be done and will do it no matter what. He meets Martin and Lucy and isn’t happy, but Martin says Valentine won’t dictate who he dates. Valentin sends them his best wishes.

Finn and Liz’s romance ends with phone calls from their children, so Finn returns to his room. Later, Liz comes out of the bathroom to find the torn pillows and screams for Finn, who rushes over. The police are called and Rory takes Liz’s statement. She realizes she didn’t use the security latch, so anyone with a keycard could have entered.

The two head to the restaurant where they meet Lucy. They tell him about the break-in. Liz mentions that she forgot her phone in her room, so Finn goes back to get it. He checks with Rory who says no one got on or off the elevator at the time of the break-in. Finn doesn’t understand how anyone could do these things. Liz tells Lucy whoever is doing this is following her and the police can’t help her. Liz asks for the name of the psychic Lucy mentioned.

Maxie puts the brakes on a second date, but Austin thinks she’s looking for an excuse. Maxie agrees that she doesn’t want to rush after being on the run from Peter for a year. Austin says they can still be friends, but Maxie kisses him. Georgie catches them kissing and is less than amused. Austin is forced to leave.

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Sonny joins Nina, who tells him about Harmony‘s accident. She thinks Sonny should go with Michael and Willow. Sonny disagrees, saying his relationship with Michael has deteriorated too much. The two share a dance.

TJ informs Michael and Willow that Harmony is breathing on her own, but is conscious and unconscious. TJ says if she improves overnight, they’ll take her back to surgery to finish. He tells Willow that her mother needs to stay calm.

Michael and Carly talk about Harmony and how he can’t forgive her for what she did to Carly. He thinks Willow is better off without Harmony in her life. Carly asks if Michael contacted Sonny, but he says he’s done with his dad and doesn’t want anything from him.

Willow sits down and talks to Harmony, who eventually wakes up and says she’s sorry. Harmony tries to say something to Willow, stressing herself out. TJ tells Willow to leave and she insists that Carly tell her what her mother wants her to know. Carly wants to wait and TJ tells them that Harmony is critical and needs a rest. Michael and Willow go for a break, while Carly stands guard.

Harmony wakes up and Carly tells her that Willow doesn’t know that Harmony isn’t her biological mother. Carly says Willow deserves to know the truth. Carly wants to know what it’s all about and Harmony says, “Nina.”

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