General Hospital recap: Harmony desperately tries to cover her tracks


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As of today general hospital Recap: Portia wants to check on Chase before he gets out of the hospital. Liz and Finn discuss what happened to Chase and how the stalker got violent. Chase tells Liz and Finn that Aiden stopped by the house with a Ouija board to contact Franco.

Everyone gathers to celebrate Leo’s adoption into the Quartermaine family. Drew tells Ned he’s going to get Scout’s shares back, but Valentine still controls Danny’s. He thinks ELQ and Aurora should merge. Ned says that would leave Drew with the biggest share of the business and wonders where it gets him. Olivia tells everyone how Leo is progressing in his therapy, but when she tricks him into reading a poem, he runs away.

Carly and Sam discuss Harmony‘s drunkenness the night before, which Willow overhears. Willow is surprised and worried when she learns what’s going on. Carly decides to check Harmony out this morning.

Brook Lynn worries when she can’t reach Chase, who was supposed to join the party.

Sam apologizes to Dante for spying on his phone. He accepts it and the two declare their feelings.

Harmony wakes up hungover and worried that she left her bag out in the open. Harmony is upset when Alexis tells her how drunk she got the night before. Alexis tells Harmony the reporter’s story about Nina and how it will go deep into her past, which upsets Harmony.

Harmony angrily tells Alexis that she can’t publish the story. Alexis tells Harmony to tell Willow the truth and that she’s not his daughter. Harmony worries about what will be found if someone digs. She tells Alexis to kill the story as it’s the least she can do. Harmony says she supported Alexis at Spring Ridge and once she was freed. She says if Alexis was really her friend, she would kill the story.

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Trina meets Marshall leaving town. Marshall says he just wants everyone’s life to go back to how it was. Trina doesn’t understand why he thinks he’s bad for her family. Trina thinks it would be worse for him to leave rather than deal with what’s here.
Jordan checks in with Curtis and is interrupted by Selina. Curtis covers up and claims Selina wanted to use The Savoy for a birthday party. Jordan warns Curtis not to do business with Ms. Wu.

After Jordan leaves, Selina gives Curtis the sealed police file in exchange for continuing the poker games. Selina warns Curtis to be sure he wants to read the file.

Jordan goes to the hospital to check on Chase. Portia apologizes for assaulting her yesterday. Jordan says she knows Trina has a good moral compass.

Chase tells Jordan that he has surveillance cameras set up and they should be able to catch whoever is doing this. Jordan tells Chase to stay out of this now and she’ll go home to check the cameras. Liz downloads the camera app, but turns out the file has been corrupted.

Chase talks to Portia about messing things up with Brook Lynn, then shows up at the mansion with flowers.

Trina tells Curtis that Marshall is leaving town, so Curtis heads for the pier.

Harmony throws her file into the fireplace. Carly arrives as Harmony is ready to turn her on.

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