General Hospital recap: Harmony and Phyllis worked at the Crichton-Clark Clinic when Nina was there


On the bridge, Carly receives a call from Willow, but no one is on the other end. She hangs up and then receives a call from Diane, who is at the PCPD. The lawyer tells him about Michael’s arrest. Carly says she will be there.

At the station, Diane lets Michael, who is in the interrogation room, know that Carly will be there soon. She says that due to the weather he is probably there for the night. Jordan comes in and tells Michael that he will soon be transferred to a holding company. Michael wants to know what she’s doing to catch who did this to Joss. Jordan only recently learned of the incident, and once she has more concrete information, she’ll let Joss know.

Carly arrives and Michael updates her on the reporter. Carly hopes Alexis can close the story and take off.

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Sonny walks over to Metro Court and sees Shawn sitting there. Shawn invites him to sit down because he’s just waiting for TJ, Molly and Jordan. Shawn explains his big move to him and Sonny is happy to have a fresh start, which doesn’t happen to everyone.

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Sleazy tabloid reporter Smalls bursts into Alexis’ office with a scoop. He explains the basics of the sex tape scandal to her, was assaulted by a very powerful family member, and left the names until the end. After learning that the victims are Joss and Cam, Alexis asks why Michael hit him. Smalls admits he may have provoked it. Annoyed, she tells him that’s why she doubts his ability to report facts. Smalls wants a signing with the intruder and this is his big shot. He asks if they have a deal? Carly walks in and suggests Alexis think twice. Alexis orders the reporter out.

Alexis apologizes to Carly for what Joss is going through but thinks it would be a mistake not to publish the story. Alexis warns her that it will come out, but if the intruder breaks it so she can frame the story and be respectful. That’s more than how other newspapers will handle the scandal. Alexis even offers to let Joss and Cam speak if they want. Carly hates that Joss has to weigh this decision. Alexis won’t make history if she doesn’t want to, but someone else will. Carly says it’s Joss’ call and she’ll let him know. Alexis warns her that there is not much time.

Alexis gives Carly advice on Joss GH

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At the hospital, TJ finds Willow passed out on the floor. He shakes her and calls her, and she finally wakes up. She doesn’t remember what happened. He wants to admit it and asks who he can call. She tells him to call his mother.

Willow passes out GH

At Charlie’s, Nina is shocked to learn that Phyllis knows Harmony. Phyllis joins them and explains that 20 years ago they worked at the same establishment as Nina. Phyllis cared for Nina while she was in a coma and Harmony had her own patient. Harmony is interrupted when TJ calls on Willow’s behalf and explains her daughter’s predicament. Harmony says she will be there. Harmony lets Nina know that she will think about what they talked about and leaves.

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Nina and Phyllis move into the bar, and Nina tells her about her problems with Michael and Willow. She hoped Harmony could intercede on her behalf before she was forced to involve the courts. Nina thinks of her mother who took her child away from her while she was in a coma. Phyllis admits she will never get over the guilt of the role she played, but Nina says she was honest with her and helped her find out that Nelle was her daughter. Nina now fears that she has lost her grandson forever. Phyllis says Harmony may be the answer and the bridge between her, Willow and Wiley. Nina asks if she can say a good word for her considering they once worked together. Phyllis doesn’t want to take sides but will tell him about the Nina she knows.

Phyllis and Nina bond GH

Nina comes out, sits on a bench and looks at pictures of Wiley on her phone.

Back at the hospital, Epiphany joins TJ in insisting that Willow be admitted. Willow receives a text that Michael is being held by the PCPD, and Epiphany points out that she can’t do anything for him now.

Epiphany takes Willow to an exam room and asks her if she ate today. Willow is embarrassed that she didn’t. As they talk about Willow transitioning from teaching to nursing, she asks Epiphany if she always wanted to be a nurse. Epiphany admits she didn’t, but she loves her job.

Harmony arrives and receives an update from Willow. She becomes furious when Willow has not been seen by a doctor and brings up the issue with Epiphany at the nurses’ station. Epiphany explains that doctors should prioritize patients based on their degree of importance. Harmony begs Epiphany that there must be something she can do for Willow. Later, they go back to Willow’s room. Willow asks her mother to bring her a sandwich from the cafeteria to keep her away. A doctor walks in to find Epiphany starting an IV and asks exactly what is going on.

In the hallway, Doctor Nelson berates Epiphany for showing favoritism to a nurse and stepping forward to give the patient an IV without a doctor’s order. He tells her to finish the treatment he started and leaves. Later, Epiphany tells Willow that she has been a nurse longer than these doctors have been practicing and wishes she had a job with a more active role in treating patients. Willow points out that she has changed careers, maybe it’s time for Epiphany to change.

Harmony eventually returns with a sandwich for Willow, and they kiss. At the nurses’ station, Epiphany searches the Internet for the MCATs.

Back at the Metro Court, Molly and TJ arrive to find Sonny and Shawn talking. Molly invites Sonny to join them, but he’s just picking up something to take away. He wishes Shawn luck, then gets a call from an officer. Sonny learns that Michael has been arrested. Later, Jordan arrives and joins TJ, Molly and Shawn. Champagne is ordered and TJ toasts his parents.

Sonny arrives at the station and Diane leaves to try to convince the prosecutor to release Michael for the night. Sonny asks what happened and how he can help. Michael wants nothing from him. After Sonny pushes, Michael tells him that he punched a reporter to defend Joss, but Joss is no longer Sonny’s family. Sonny still loves Joss and wants to be there for her, but Michael says he can’t put anyone ahead of Nina. Sonny loses his temper and yells “What do you want from me?!”

Michael is in jail GH

Sonny refuses to allow Nina to be used against him any longer. Michael says that Nina is unhinged and does horrible, hateful things, only later to apologize and pretend she doesn’t mean them, which is just like Nelle. Michael doesn’t want Sonny’s help, and Joss doesn’t need it either. Sonny asks what happened to Joss, but Michael refuses to tell him. Sonny hopes that one day he will understand the choices he had to make and leaves.

Sonny takes on Michael GH

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