General Hospital recap: Dante gives Willow the dirt on Harmony’s crime list


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As of today general hospital Recap: Chet is back in town and lets Sonny know he’s ready to take over running the gym, which means Dex is out of a job. Dex is desperate to stay in the gym and ends up breaking up a fight between two members. Sonny thinks Dex might have a future.

Dante shows up and tells Sonny what happened with Carly and Alexis the night before. Sonny’s first instinct is to call Carly, but realizes she would have called him herself if she wanted him to know. Dante thinks everyone was too distracted to let Sonny know. Dante worries that Sonny has become more isolated. Sonny promises things are handled and Dante needn’t worry. Later, Sonny leaves a message for Carly.

Britt offers her condolences to TJ after losing her first patient, agreeing that nothing prepares you for the first. TJ says he feels helpless and useless. Britt reassures him and says he has to combine compassion with effective care, and TJ will have to learn not to internalize every loss. Britt offers to cover TJ’s shift if he wants to spend time with Molly and he ends up accepting her offer.

Terry and Liz hang out at the spa. Terry wants an update on what happened with the stalker. Liz says Aiden thinks it’s Franco’s ghost. Amy shows up and Terry is surprised to see her getting her nails done when she should be at work. Amy says she was with TJ last night when he lost his patient and she was upset. Amy complains, and she and Terry argue.

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Terry and Liz return to the hospital where Terry complains to Britt that Amy has stopped working. Britt points out that Amy lost a patient and needed time.

Brook Lynn joins Chase and Violet’s tea party with lightsabers in hand since it’s supposed to be May 4th. The two have a flirtatious little chat before making a dinner date with Violet and Leo.

Carly tells Michael that Willow will need his strength for what’s next. Michael is afraid that it will become public and that the press will talk about it. He says he doesn’t know how to protect Willow from the fallout. Michael doesn’t understand why Harmony did what she did and why she would jeopardize her relationship with Willow. Carly says Harmony made a choice to hurt people.

Dante shows up to update Willow, but she wants to know why Harmony tried to kill Alexis and Carly. Carly explains that she found papers indicating that Harmony had committed a crime. Dante says Harmony had already killed. Dante explains that Harmony killed Neil and Brendan, then tried to kill Carly and Alexis to cover it up. Willow doesn’t believe her mother was a murderer. Dante says Harmony went to great lengths to hide a secret from her and Willow’s past. Willow wants to know the secret. Dante tells her that according to Neil’s notes, Willow was not Harmony’s biological daughter. Carly remembers Harmony telling her that Nina was the mother, but doesn’t share with the class.

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