General Hospital recap: Carly struggles to tell Willow the truth as the harmony deteriorates


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As of today general hospital Summary: Willow doesn’t understand why Harmony would be in this area. Carly admits that she and Alexis were with Harmony. Carly explains to Willow that Harmony attacked her with a syringe and took her to the edge of the cliff. Willow wonders what secret her mother was trying to keep. They are interrupted before Carly can give him all the information.

Britt tells Willow that Harmony’s operation had to be stopped and that she suffered serious injuries. Harmony is touch and go in the ICU.

Sam and Alexis find Harmony. Alexis wants closure and talks to a comatose Harmony before Willow shows up.

Carly tells Michael that Harmony drugged her and tried to kill Alexis. Carly says it’s a secret, but she needs to tell Willow first.

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Finn tells Liz that he’s moved into the room next to her at Metro Court. Liz admits she freaked out and wishes none of this had happened. To distract her, Finn pulls out a deck of cards to play Black Jack. Liz mentions hearing a voice and explains a patient’s phone call. She claims to have misheard and attributes this to lack of sleep and stress. Finn reassures her and the two kiss.

Maxie and Austin meet Spinelli on their date. After they leave, Spinelli talks about love to Sonny. Austin discusses a second date with Maxie, but she seems hesitant.

Sonny talks to Nina about Nixon Falls and how he misses it sometimes. Liesl trains Nina and the two argue about Sonny and Scotty. Britt shows up to join them and breaks up their argument. Liesl and Britt talk about lost loves. Liesl tells her that she needs to find someone new and not keep moping about Jason. Britt talks to Spinelli, who tries to convince her to use the matchmaking service again.

Willow talks to Harmony, begging her to wake up. Harmony opens her eyes for Willow.

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