From Melancholy To Melody: Gio Nation Goes All Out Ballad “I Don’t Need You More”


The photographer used for the single’s artwork is also the ex the song is written about. The photo above was taken before the split.

“Take my heart! Throw it on the floor!”

LOS ANGELES, California, USA, February 7, 2022 / – The lyrics above sum up the central theme of the song perfectly. Have you ever been in love? Have you ever been in love with someone who fell in love with you? It’s the stormy pattern Gio nation described in his song “I don’t need you.” The song turns out to be a huge intense sorrow anthem. Gio notably expresses his despair in the face of a relationship that is both abusive and nurturing. A love that left the singer homeless, distraught, and financially unstable.

“I didn’t know two opposite traits can exist simultaneously in one person. Like, it’s scary to think that the same person dressing your wounds is also putting knives in your back.” Gio said when asked about his inspiration for the track. Heartbreak is a recurring theme in popular music. However, the subconscious behavior patterns that often end up poisoning our romantic relationships are often not talked about.

Gio expresses that he wants to shed some light on this fact. Asked about the heart of the song, he replied, “The hardest thing to do is look in the mirror especially when it feels like the world is picking at your scabs.” People lie, actions can deceive, but models never lie. It really hurts when you finally realize that a person can’t love you the way you deserve.” Gio also revealed that he struggled with sobriety. Meanwhile, he confesses to being both hyper-productive and self-destructive.

“I Don’t Need You” is a mid tempo pop/rhythm & blues ballad that lasts three minutes and twenty-six seconds. The instrumental notably features a heavy reggaeton beat and prominent marimba. The song notably contrasts a deep and sensual verse with an explosive chorus. Lyrically the track uses both declarative and narrative speech.

“I knew I had to tell a compelling story as well as throw some subtle shade at my ex. “I read Socrates and you love nursery rhymes. is one of my favorite lines I’ve ever written. Every time I sing I have this silly little smile on my face.

The song has collectively gained over 100,000 plays and remains one of Gio Nation’s highest rated songs. Gio also opened up about all the negativity he received while crafting the song. Whenever someone sets out to try something new, they will always be discouraged by doomsayers.

Gio advises upcoming musicians to ignore their resistance. “Everyone is going to tell you you’re stupid when you try to do something innovative, it just comes with the territory. said Gio Nation of the obstacles faced by songwriters. Gio Nation advises budding musicians to put on horse blinders to ignore their negativity and keep working hard to be all they want to be.

Gio Nation is an American artist, songwriter and producer. Strongly influenced by pop culture, he plays several instruments and in particular with fire accessory choreographies. Coming from a lower middle class family in Connecticut, Gio found his passion for writing and directing at age 7. Her journey through depression, addiction, and even homelessness has given her a positive outlook on life that shows in her vibrant and full of verve.

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