First look at the Mudita Harmony e-ink alarm clock



The Mudita Harmony is an E INK alarm clock unlike your typical clock, which plays radio or disjointed alarm noises. Harmony has five modes; alarm, bedtime, nap, relaxation and meditation. For the alarm, its 17 melodies are used to wake you up while for the other three modes, they are soothing background sounds. There are natural sounds – including birdsong, tides and a stream – as well as musical tracks created by Canadian musician Nick Lewis using guitar, Tibetan bowls, guitar , a ukulele and koshi bells. They have names like “quiet rain stick”, “cowboy chords” and “bubbling brook”. A pre-wake alarm can be set for five, 10 or 15 minutes before the main alarm, which offers a different choice of four soundscapes. During falling asleep, there is a white noise generator. If you don’t dig any of the sounds that come with the device, it has 4GB of storage space, you can add your own sounds, songs from your favorite band, audio books or bedtime stories for your kids.

The Harmony’s design draws inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian design traditions. Designed to be both simple and neutral, with a round shape that fits in the palm of your hand. The back of the alarm clock is inspired by nature – the speaker holes are uniquely placed to resemble the seeds of a sunflower. The screen features a 2.84-inch E Ink screen, with a resolution of 480×600, a PPI of 270 and support for 16-bit grayscale, which makes the clock screen easy to read under normal light. There’s an illuminated display on the front that lights up when you press the top button, but it doesn’t seem to have any controls, so there’s a light setting and that’s it. The alarm is not powered by a wall outlet, but rather by a small battery that needs to be recharged every seven days. All alarm sounds are powered by a 3W speaker.


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