First gameplay for rhythm-action FPS Gun Jam drops at Future Games Show


Rhythm-action/FPS hybrid Gun Jam just got its first gameplay trailer and it looks sick.

Debuting as part of the Future Games Show, Gun Jam comes to us from developer Jaw Drop Games and published by Raw Fury.

While it doesn’t have a confirmed release date, when it does arrive it will offer gameplay that’s essentially Rock Band and Guitar Hero meets Call of Duty or Doom.

Set in a town called Mubel where a mysterious beat emitted by a character known as The Speaker rules everything and music is used to control its citizens, Gun Jam works by firing your gun to the beat to survive. On-screen prompts will let you know what to press and when when switching between weapons, but you also have to manage moving and aiming at the same time.

The enemies you face are also bound by music, transcribed the same as the townspeople. This music is also unique, written specifically for the game, and draws from various genres such as Trap, Metal, and EDM.

The music will also change as you move through new environments and discover new enemies, which means we’re going to have a pretty comprehensive audio experience. Without forgetting a visual, with all these neon lights.

There will be both a story mode and an arcade mode in Gun Jam for players to enjoy, and while the game doesn’t have a firm release date yet, it will be released on PC first. Console launches are also planned “later down the road.”


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