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Evening free him Micha instrument & sequencer for Eurorack.

Eventide offers an exciting sequencer solution for Eurorack users.

Misha is a new type of instrument and sequencer that uses a unique interval-based approach to playing and creating melodies. Inspired by dodecaphonic composition, Misha’s sequencer develops the technique of rows of tones, allowing new avenues of spontaneous creativity. Modify your sequence using some of the classic techniques such as leading, retrograde or reverse play, or completely rearrange your sequence in unpredictable and exciting ways.

Misha comes preloaded with a variety of scales ranging from typical western scales, microtonal scales, scales that use intonation only, and everything in between. Additionally, two banks of user scales allow you to upload your own scales using the Scala format for further experimentation. Create a simple melody or sequence, change the key and scale, and manipulate the pattern into a whole new creation!

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Presentation of the Waves Harmony connect.

Instantly create vocal harmonies with Waves Harmony.

With Waves Harmony, you can now create instant vocal harmonies (up to eight voices generated from a single voice) and quickly create the vocal production of your dreams. Easily customize the character and texture of each voice with built-in pitch, formant, panning, delay, filtering, and drag-and-drop modulation, to back up your vocal tracks with creative color. Harmony creates drama suitable for a multitude of musical genres: pop, hip hop, R&B, rock, country, folk and many more.

Waves Harmony lets you take a solo vocal and immediately surround it with epic multi-voiced harmonies, split between low and high, and male and female (yes, you can morph any voice). In seconds, you can hear sounds inspired by Kanye, Jacob Collier, Ty Dolla $ign and Imogen Heap in your song. Better yet, play them live in real time. You don’t know music theory? Quick Harmony Chord Presets will provide you with beautiful, musically rich results on any material, with surprising voicings you might not have thought of.

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Caveman Audio presents the BP1 compact bass preamp.

Aimed directly at bass players, Caveman Audio launches the BP1 compact bass preamp.

Caveman Audio’s BP1 Compact gives bassists a fundamental bass sound very similar to the 1073-inspired BP1 bass preamp, but with a significantly smaller footprint. Since the goal is to enhance the basic bass sound, its purpose is not to act as an effect pedal, but to serve as an always-on component in the signal chain.

Caveman Audio recognizes that the pure design of the preamp is not the only component capable of enhancing the fundamental sound of a bass audio signal. Therefore, they also pay close attention to noise suppression and impedance mismatch prevention in the electronic design that surrounds the preamp circuitry, which includes a transformer-balanced DI output, on-board input buffer and unique RFI protection, all housed in a road-ready, zinc-plated steel case.

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e-instruments announce the pure right piano for ios.

Thanks to e-instruments, your iOS device can now work with a full multi-sampled upright piano.

Pure Upright is a multi-sampled professional upright piano for iPhone and iPad that literally puts the many timbres of a beautifully recorded piano at your fingertips. It offers the unique timbre of the upright piano for those who do not always need the splendor of a grand piano but the character and immediacy of an upright piano.

An upright piano is ideal for pop, R&B, hip-hop, and many other genres of modern music. It’s why it’s heard in countless iconic tracks throughout music history with the right to the heart of the song.

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