Estonia’s largest sailing yacht Melody unveiled by Ridas Yachts


The 40.5 meter sailboat Melody was commissioned by a wealthy businessman who approached Ridas Yachts to build her, but unfortunately the project was halted by the pandemic and put on the market before he could. take on his first trip.

After doing a few sketches and noticing several beautiful sailboats off the coast of Macau, China, Melody was born in 2014. Her commissioning owner had just seen James Bond Skyfall on the big screen and was mesmerized by the classic style lines of the sailboat, which the film’s titular protagonist used extensively throughout.

But the boat he planned to build wasn’t just going to be classically designed; it was also going to be loaded with contemporary luxuries and a touch of class, all neatly tucked away in a hull that wouldn’t look out of place in the pinnacle of yachting. Melody was expected to be smooth, refined and elegant, much like Bond himself.

Despite the fact that Ridas Yachts had never attempted a project of this size, the owner was confident in the Estonian company’s ability to execute. The yard has launched a number of sailing yachts and has an incredible portfolio, but none quite as big. After initial discussions with the owner, Ridas Yachts found the ideal hull for the company: a 40.5 meter aluminum vessel with a dinghy hatch.

Melody, as she is now called, was born in 2010 at Acicio Yachts in the Netherlands. Her hull was built by a Dutch shipbuilder, but in 2017 she was moved to the Ridas Yachts facility in Tallinn, Estonia, where she was completed. Olivier F. van Meer, who gave Estonia’s flagship ship her rich classic elegance and the Bond charm envisioned by her owner, was responsible for the overall design. Melody’s exterior lines are streamlined, simple and created for optimal functionality. It is a modest schooner sailboat that emanates beauty through its lack of flamboyance.

Its adherence to modern standards, however, is what goes unnoticed. To maintain contemporary standards of elegance and comfort, Olivier F. van Meer has carefully designed its interior fittings. Modern infotainment and audiovisual equipment from Bose was installed, and all materials were sourced from Awlgrip to ensure that Melody had exceptional quality and feel, comparable to premium superyachts.

Melody has four cabins, including a master bedroom, three VIPs and additional guest space, with an interior volume of 145 GT. Its magnificent master bedroom has a bathroom with shower and bathtub. There is also a desk and a dressing room in the bedroom. Three VIP apartments with ample storage space and a bathroom are located next to her master bedroom.

Melody was created by Olivier F. van Meer as a social gathering place where guests can relax in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. The sailboat offers a large dining area with a large dining table, as well as several seating options. While her deck areas offer a good number of places to eat and relax in the open air, as well as a superb handcrafted Jacuzzi located in front of the main mast. Deck spaces are free for fun thanks to the tender hatch.

A Williams DieselJet 445 is included with the sailboat and is kept in her state-of-the-art garage. The area benefits from an onboard refueling station, scuba gear refueling station and an iPad operated tender hatch.

The ability to be operated by one person is yet another essential quality of Melody. She has a single Volvo D13 diesel engine and is powered by a Bermuda ketch rig with a decked stepped mast. Notably, Melody was built according to Lloyds Register.

The introduction of Melody marks an important turning point for Ridas Yachts as well as for Estonian shipbuilding. The successful launch of Estonia’s largest sailing yacht shows that the country has the know-how and capability to build and deploy more yachts of this size and caliber. Its design plans are in the possession of the Estonian Marine and Manufacturing Initiative, which is eager to start work on a new unit.

Melody is on the market and referenced by 26 North Yachts.

Credits: Rida Yachts | Pictures: Alvo Kallas


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