Deep State Reaches Major Milestone With Entel’s “Melodies In Harmony”


Entel officially launched melodies in harmony on Deep State Recordings, the imprint’s first full-length artist album!

Grum’s to print, Deep State Records, has melted hearts and set the dance floor on fire since emerging in 2020 with a spicy two-track heatup from Kane. Since then, the progressive industry has kept its eyes and ears firmly fixed on the dazzling new brand, while Deep State’s Reactor series has helped increase the buzz. Along the way, they’ve assembled a colorful cast of characters to stretch musical creativity to the max, including OMAIR, Local Dialect, Erik Lucas and Today’s Accent, Entel.

Entel is no stranger to Deep State, first appearing on the label with their self-titled EP in 2021. Now, a year later, the label has felt the need to take it to the next level, scouting for talent for its very first complete artist. album. Entel was finally given this responsibility much to the delight of fans everywhere. What came out of his studio is a solid soul serenade-focused ten-track vibe enhancer, appropriately titled, melodies in harmony!

When it came to the concept of the album, Entel looked deep within themselves to design a soundscape that is nothing less than “authentic, real and emotional.” His team goes on to say that “this record represents the reason he fell in love with music in the first place, a reminder that music can bring a source of balance and peace to life when things get a little chaotic.“With his beautiful inspiration revealed, it’s time to turn up the volume and drop into the beat.

Take your copy of melodies in harmony on your favorite music platform, stream the album below on Spotify and continue for my view of the tracks. Let us know what you think Twitter!

Entel Stream – melodies in harmony on Spotify:

Entel proves he was the right choice for Deep State’s final chapter, setting the tone with power and grace.

Crisis,” with Luke Coulson, kicks off the journey, with a melancholy story paired with a smooth yet confident bassline. This track is here to warm up the muscles as the floating melody opens the mind for the expected release. There’s nothing better than relatable lyrics, and “Crisis” will have everyone singing along with its sense of brutal honesty and passion.

Akai,” with Eileen Jaime, matches the energy of the former but ups the ante with a bright percussive element. But the real highlight comes from the ample vocals that pierce the great melody, creating one hell of a wake-up call. We can only hope that the next offering will be just as bold. Whereas “belong heredoesn’t match the weightless euphoria delivered by “Akai,” it certainly serves up a deliciously dark and mysterious undertone.

Eternity», a collaboration with Code Rias, continues to pull on the established energy, and you may begin to realize that this album is crafted with some well thought out highs and lows. For this offering, OVA offers her unyielding vocal prowess, and within seconds the room will be imbued with her sweet emotion. It’s one of those tunes that feels great on the ears, quenching the mind to enjoy a wonderful daydream.

But, just as things calm down, “Court St” ramps up the power for the peak.

court street“is the heaviest track of the batch to date, with deep synth bursts, warm piano accents and a hypnotic vocal that draws the body onto the dance floor. Now fully invested and ready to rock,”Fall in” resumes the speakers. Eileen Jaime is back, with plans to send listeners flying to the moon with her attention-grabbing tone as the electrified techno beat greets the midnight hour.

Entel has his head in the right place to keep the tempo shining on “Dream State.” This incredibly daring track mixes choppy vocal detail with serious underground vibes. This makes it the perfect addition to the setlist when you want the club to turn away from the stage and focus on the magic happening throughout the party. “Mistakecontinues on this trajectory, driving the piece further into madness as the sweaty bodies spin and contort.

Now that the vibe is completely unstuck, where will Entel take us next? He answers that question with a bit of lift, taking on the flighty, ethereal underground vibe on “Korriban.” The bassline kick and high-end detail remain effervescent, but it weaves a bold wormhole via a prominent sonic pulse that swells and rolls through the waves.

Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end and Entel decides to return to the opening mood for their latest offering.

It seems like “Rhiannoncame out of the same wheelhouse as “Crisis” in regards to synth character and overall vocal style. But it makes sense when it comes to tying the style to the many facets of the album. What started as a light flight to progressive heaven turned into an adventure through a dark rave dimension, and now it’s only fitting that we land safely on solid ground. Entel has done Deep State justice with a set of beats that tap into the imagination while inspiring the body to let go and groove!

Entel- melodies in harmony – List of tracks:

  1. Crisis with Luke Coulson
  2. Akai ft. Eileen Jaime
  3. belong here
  4. Entel & Riascode – Eternity ft. OVA
  5. court street
  6. Fall In ft. Eileen Jamie
  7. dream state
  8. Mistake
  9. Korriban
  10. Rhiannon ft. Eileen Jamie
Entel - Melodies in Harmony

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